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One thing you definitely don’t want to forget to do for your wedding? Hire a wedding photographer! Even if your friends and relatives are social media savvy and are guaranteed to capture and upload every important moment, you’ll want to add a seasoned pro to the mix. Wedding photography is a bit more sophisticated than pointing and shooting on your phone, so we’ve created this guide to help get you in the know before you start shopping around for a wedding photographer.

This is your essential guide to wedding photography.

How much should I spend on my wedding photographer?

Together, wedding photography and videography expenses should eat up no more than 10% of your overall budget. Note that the more skilled the photographer, the higher the rate they’ll have (so plan accordingly). Depending on the service you’re using and how good a job you think they did, you may also want to give them a tip when the job is done and dusted.

What exactly should they be shooting?

Short answer: everything. Seriously, you want your wedding photographer to capture as much as they possibly can - from your “I dos” to your guests getting down on the dance floor. You’ll also want general venue shots, close-ups of important things like place settings and your cake and portraits of you and your new spouse, your wedding party and your families. If they’ve shot weddings before, your photographer probably knows all the ins and outs, but it doesn’t hurt to give them a list of your desired shots, either. Bonus: we've put together this wedding photography checklist to help you out.

What should they shoot with?

While you hunt, you’ll probably see that some wedding photographers shoot with film cameras while others use digital devices. Now, there’s no right or wrong type of film, they’re just different. Film is usually more expensive, but shoots better in natural light and blends light and colours more effectively. Digital is on the less expensive end of the spectrum, requires less equipment and is more dependable (as your photographer will be able to see the photos as he or she shoots them).

Steve Gerrard Photography

When should I aim to hire my wedding photographer?

As with most wedding planning tasks, the sooner the better. This is especially important if your wedding date falls in the summer months (AKA peak season) as wedding photographers tend to book up fast during this time. Pro tip: you’ll want to know your wedding date before you hire any of your vendors so that they know exactly when and where they’ll be shooting.

Do I need to hire multiple photographers?

This really depends on how big of a wedding you’re having, how much you’re willing to spend and how many photos you want in the end. If your guest list exceeds 200 guests, you may want that extra camera person to capture candids. Keep in mind, if you’re hiring two different vendors (not just a photographer and their assistant) you’ll want to make sure their styles and personalities complement one another’s.

Where can I find a photographer?

Wedding photographers aren’t exactly hard to come by. You may want to start your search by asking your recently married friends who they hired (it’s nice to have a first-hand review). Also, if you plan on attending any wedding fairs, you can meet a few IRL. If you prefer hunting for vendors from the comfort of your own home, that’s easy, too! We’ve got a vendor directory filled with amazing UK shutterbugs. You can click through their portfolios, see their rates, read about their wedding packages and get in touch, all with just a few clicks.

Steve Gerrard Photography

How do I decide on a photographer?

Start by ticking the most important boxes: you’ll want to know if they can shoot in your desired wedding photography style, if they fit into your budget and if they’re available on the date of your wedding. After you’ve narrowed your search, you’ll want to look past their portfolios and assess their personalities. You should feel comfortable with your wedding photographer, as they’ll be shooting everything from intimate portraits to candids.

When will I receive my wedding photos?

This depends on two things: how quickly the photographer you’ve chosen works and what kind of film they shot your wedding with. Keep in mind that digital photos will probably get back to you much faster as they can easily be uploaded, edited and put into a dropbox, online album or digital transfer. Film photos take a bit more TLC and must be manually shipped. If you’re concerned, you can always ask how long it typically takes your wedding photographer to produce an entire wedding album before hiring them.

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