When it comes to marriage proposals, timing is of the utmost importance. Even if you nail every element of your engagement, choosing the wrong day can really mess things up. We’ve rounded up the worst times to get down on one knee so that your perfectly planned proposal goes off without a hitch.

Here’s when you shouldn’t propose marriage to your partner.

When they’re feeling stressed
You know what doesn’t help a stressed person quell their anxiety? Asking them a life-altering question. Though marriage proposals are generally mood-lifting experiences, springing the idea of an engagement on your partner when they’re mind is all over the place probably isn’t the best idea. We suggest saving it for when they’re in better spirits so that both of you can really enjoy the moment.

When they’re distracted
You want the person you’re proposing to focusing on you, the engagement ring and the sentimental speech you’re giving. If they’re distracted by your surroundings or in the middle of doing something totally unrelated, you may want to hold off. This goes for sports games, TV show finales, concerts and everything in between.

When they’re ill
You don’t want your partner’s response to your proposal to be wheezing and sneezing. While a marriage proposal may lighten their mood, it won’t cure their illness. Wait for a time when they’re not sick so you can celebrate without tons of tablets.

When the two of you are fighting
You may think that the perfect way to end an argument is to propose, but you’d be wrong. If there’s bad blood between the two of you, you risk having your marriage proposal rejected (yes, even if you’re fighting about something petty). Engagements should have happy memories tied to them, not negative emotions.

When they’re at work
Keep business and pleasure separate and skip popping the question when your partner is at the office. When they’re on the clock, their mind will be focused on paperwork, not your marriage proposal, and where’s the fun in that?

When you’re at someone else’s celebration
The last thing you want to do with your engagement is steal the limelight from someone at an anniversary, wedding, birthday or other celebration. Let your engagement be its own event and plan something special for the occasion. You don’t want your love story tethered to someone else’s big day.

When you’re not feeling it
You have to have your heart 100% in the game when you’re proposing. You want the moment to be perfect, and that won’t happen if something feels off. Even if you have everything prepared down to the second, you should wait it out until you’re fully committed.

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