Before you pick a caterer for your wedding and perhaps before deciding on the wedding entertainment you should think about the kind of food you want to serve your guests. Nowadays there are catering services that offer unique menus, even with a twist of entertainment included.

If you're having a reception before the lunch or dinner on your wedding day, this is the moment all your guests will mingle with a drink in their hand while nibbling on bite size appetisers. Caterers usually offer a wide range of bites for the wedding reception, but you might want to offer something a little more creative or entertaining for your guests. Take note of these ideas that are sure to wow your guests.

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1. Food trucks

We're seeing more and more food trucks at weddings and something about them gets guests very excited. Let guests smell the freshly cooked exotic street food as they approach your wedding reception. Food trucks give a festive, almost carnival, ambience to a wedding. You can even hire several food trucks that specialise in different cuisines to create a foodie paradise.

2. Hands-on experience

Make your guests get their hands a little dirty and prepare their own food. How about hiring an oyster bar where guests can go and open their own oysters fresh from the sea. Or set up a DIY cupcake-decorating table where guests can add a variety of sweet toppings to their cupcakes. Get creative with toppings, such as fresh cherries covered in chocolate, artisanal hard candies, and little pieces of fudge.

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3. Show cooking

Keep your guests entertained with show cooking. There are endless options. Imagine the aroma of freshly made crepes, the spectacle of sushi made in front of you, or the taste of cocktails made by a skilled barman. Let your guests eat with their eyes. It might be the wedding entertainment you were looking for, so it's a two for one.

4. Artisanal beers

You'll probably select the perfect wine to go along with your wedding feast, but what about offering craft beers to go along with your reception appetisers? There are more and more craft beer breweries these days, so you can go visit them and find the perfect beer for your wedding. Remember to confirm with your catering that they will let you offer beer that is not included in their menus.

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5. Specialty coffee

This is for those who love of good, freshly roasted and perfectly brewed coffee. Get in touch with your local coffee roaster and see if they offer wedding catering. Perhaps your catering can get in touch with them to work together and offer specialty coffee during your wedding reception. The smell of freshly brewed espressos and filter coffees will awaken everyone's senses and fuel them for the party that lies ahead.

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6. Cookie bar

Everyone loves cookies. Do you know someone who doesn't? Imagine a stand filled with a selection of all kinds of cookies, from savoury to sweet and everything in between. Have the traditional chocolate chip and then include some cookies inspired by your favourite foods or drinks. You need to find a cookie artisan and see what they can offer.

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7. Shots

You and your guests will have your hands full with the drinks in one hand and using your other hand for shaking other hands or eating. Shots are an easy way to eat and enjoy appetisers. Have the catering staff walk among your guests with trays of individual shots of different things. For example, cold tomato soup, warm potato truffle soup, vichyssoise, cucumber mint juice, etc. Each one will be a shot of flavour.

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8. We all scream for ice cream

Bring back everyone's childhood spirit with a cute ice cream cart. Your guests will love trying different artisanal ice creams and this is especially great if you're having an outdoors summer wedding. Remember to include your favourite flavours and a few unique flavours to spice things up.