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Up until this point, you've had to make some pretty easy decisions, such as picking out beautiful wedding invitations that match the style of your wedding and browsing through the latest wedding ideas. Perhaps the more tedious and difficult tasks up until now have been all those dress fittings or coming up with special wedding songs for every moment of your big day.

And now the time has come to finalise your wedding guest list and while it can seem tedious, it's best to get this task checked off your list toward the beginning of your wedding planning. We're going to help you get this out of the way so that you can focus on the more exciting aspects of wedding planning such as finding the perfect venue or working with your florist to create your dream wedding. Once you have created your must-invite guest list, it's time to think about the rest of the people you may or may not want to invite.

It can be a daunting task, because you won't want to offend anyone by not inviting them, but at the same time you may not care to have them at your wedding, or worse, you don't have space for them at your chosen wedding venue. Whether you're still on the fence or not, these tips will make your decision more clear.

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How close are you?

It's important to ask this question first whether you work in a family business, where good relationships prevail and all your colleagues are important people in your life, or you work at a large multinational with numerous colleagues. If your first gut reaction is to invite them because you can't imagine your wedding without them, then there you have your answer. Feelings aside, if you can imagine your wedding without them, have a think about it. If you are close, you'll probably tell them in person about your engagement, so if you haven't made time to tell them personally or they found out in the work newsletter, perhaps you aren't as close as you think.

Be picky, it's okay

Let's say you are part of a group of close colleagues at work and you feel pressure to invite them all so as to not leave anyone out. You shouldn't invite anyone to your wedding just to "not leave anyone out". By this line of thinking you'll invite your whole town to the wedding. Keep in mind the size of your wedding and the rest of the guests you're inviting. For example, if your parents are only inviting a few of their closest friends who you also know very well, that might be a sign that this is a more private affair.

If you explain to people that it's a small wedding, they should respect your decision. Everyone has a different idea of their dream wedding and everyone has different budgets and limitations for their wedding.
So be picky, it's your day we're talking about. Be tactful about the matter with those colleagues who you decide not to invite. Explain to the colleagues you do invite that you'd like to keep the guest list private, as you don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Also remember to avoid talking about fun ideas and details of the wedding in front of those you aren't inviting.

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Maybe don't invite your boss

It's a tricky matter and everyone has a unique situation and relationship with their boss. Even if you have a great relationship with your boss, it doesn't necessarily mean you're close enough to attend each other's weddings. Ask yourself if you are close enough, and if you aren't inviting anyone else from the office, then ask yourself if that would be appropriate or perhaps cause tensions in the work place. Some people may want to maintain a strictly professional relationship or cannot make the economic effort involved in attending someone's wedding.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons not to invite a colleague from work. We focused on the more negative aspects since it's always much easier to just invite everyone and make everyone happy. Unfortunately you probably won't be able to invite everyone, there may be economic limitations, venue limitations, or perhaps you want a small wedding with your closest friends and family. Whatever you decide, it's for the best and as long as you are sensitive towards those who you don't invite, everything will be fine.