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Once your wedding has wrapped, you’ve got a few loose ends to tie up. One of those is dealing with your wedding dress. While many brides hold onto theirs to pass on to future generations, others want to kiss their gowns goodbye right after their celebrations have come to a close. We’ve hashed out the most popular ways to deal with dresses after the wedding to help you find something that suits your style.

Here’s what to do with your dress after the wedding.

Conserve it

Sure, you’ll probably only wear your wedding dress once, but that doesn’t mean you have to get rid of it after your big day. Create space in your attic or wardrobe and tuck your dress away for safekeeping. You’ll want to make sure you preserve it properly so that it doesn’t fade or crease, so we highly suggest enlisting the helping hands of a seasoned pro. Many wedding dress shops and dry cleaners offer preservation services, so it’s not hard to get the assistance you need! You can then place it in a properly lined storage box that will stop the dress from yellowing over time.

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Sell it

If you want to earn back a bit of money after your wedding, considering selling your dress. You can do this at some bridal shops, consignment stores or if you’re internet-savvy, online. Remember, you’ll want to get it professionally cleaned and have any rips or tears mended before you put it up for sale - no bride-to-be wants to receive a huge fixer upper.

Rent it

Not ready to let go of your wedding dress, but still need to pay off some of your wedding fees? Hiring out your gown is a great option. You can do this at some choice bridal salons or online, just make sure you use a trustworthy service so that your beloved wedding dress doesn’t go MIA.

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Donate it

If you’re ready to say goodbye to your dress and are looking for a way to give back after your wedding, donate your gown to a charity. Organizations, like Gift of a Wedding, aim to help couples in need and can always use more options when it comes to gowns.

Modify it

Most brides only wear their gown once, but you don’t have to. If you think your dress has some life left in it, consider getting it altered. You can shorten the hemline, cut the sleeves and/or get it dyed so that you can sport it at future cocktail parties and events. P.S. Because you’re dealing with delicate fabrics, this isn’t a project you’ll want to DIY. Look into hiring a professional seamstress so that you don’t make any wrong turns.