Unless you’re going the really rustic or minimalist route, you’re going to need to rent or purchase a few linens for your wedding reception tables and chairs. While you probably know the basics, there may be a some pieces you’re not so familiar with (or that may have slipped your mind). We’ve made this short and sweet little guide so that you nail your celebration’s tablescapes with ease.

Here are the types of linens you’ll need for your wedding reception tables.

OK, it doesn’t take a master decorator to understand how much a nice tablecloth can do for a display. If you’re hosting hundreds and hundreds of guests it may be expensive to rent or purchase elaborately dyes textiles or sequined tablecloths, so we suggest saving those for your star tables (like your sweetheart table, top table, dessert table, etc.) and going with more basic options for the rest. Keep in mind, if your tables are fancy on their own, they may not even need tablecloths to dress them up.

Table runners
The next type of linen you may want to invest in is runners. These go over top of the tablecloth and add interest to the midline, drawing your guests eyes toward those stunning centerpieces you worked so hard on! These days couples are getting creative and ditching the classic fabric runners in favour of on-theme options, like moss for woodland weddings, macrame for boho events and flower petals for more luxurious affairs.

Stingray Events
Stingray Events

Table skirts
While not absolutely essential, table skirts can really come in handy if you’re working with less than gorgeous tables for your buffet, bar and beyond. These linens go around the bottom of the table, concealing the legs, but not the top (kind of like a skirt does on a person). If you’ve got a lot going on your wedding reception tables, you probably want to keep yours simple and go with a plain colour or basic white.

Chair covers
Now that you’ve finished sprucing up your wedding reception tables, you can move onto your chairs. If you’ve gone for statement chairs, like ultra-modern acrylic chiavari chairs, there’s a good chance you don’t want to conceal their gorgeousness with a chair cover. However, if you’ve opted for something more simple that doesn’t exactly mesh with your wedding theme or colour scheme, you may want to consider prettying it up with a more complementary cover.

The Chelsea
The Chelsea

Chair sashes
Chair sashes are an addition that won’t cover your chairs completely, but will add that perfect pop of colour or some interest. Many couples use chair sashes on their own chairs and the chairs of VIP guests to make them a little more special.

The smallest linens you’ll need to get your hands on are napkins. If your venue doesn’t supply napkins and you want to save a few dollars, you can opt for disposable paper napkins instead of linen varieties.

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