Wedding Music

Music is a key part of any wedding. You can play all your favourite songs, including your special love song, whether during the ceremony, reception, or party... We'll help you find the best musicians and DJs to create the perfect mood during each moment of your wedding.

Wedding Music

The 34 Best Songs of the 2010s for Your Wedding Playlist

Relive the good times on your big day with a wedding playlist packed with the best songs from the last decade.

By Emily Deane, 23/01/20

Wedding Music

The Best Ever Last Dance Wedding Songs

Want to end the night on a high? We’ve got the pick of the very best last dance wedding songs to get everyone on the dance floor!

By Emily Deane, 17/01/20

Wedding Music

The Best 90s Songs for Your Wedding Playlist

Calling all 90s kids! You’ll love this nostalgic wedding playlist, made especially with you in mind.

By Emily Deane, 10/01/20

Wedding Music

The Best of British Wedding Playlist

Get guests in the mood to sing and dance the night away, with a wedding playlist packed with the very best of British artists!

By Emily Deane, 08/01/20

Wedding Music

The Best Jazz Wedding Songs for Your Reception Playlist

Ready to choose the music for your reception? Give your party playlist a sophisticated spin with these delightful jazz wedding songs.

By Emily Deane, 17/12/19

Wedding Music

The Ultimate Wedding After Party Playlist

Planning on continuing the party? We’ve got you covered with the best wedding after-party playlist around.

By Emily Deane, 13/12/19

Wedding Music

24 Festive Christmas Wedding Songs for Your Party Playlist

If you’re hosting a Christmas wedding and fancy getting everyone in the festive spirit, you’re going to want to give this playlist a spin!

By Emily Deane, 10/12/19

Wedding Music

The Ultimate Indie Rock Wedding Playlist

Get your wedding disco off to a banging start with our awesome indie rock wedding playlist.

By Emily Deane, 26/11/19

Wedding Music

The Best Wedding Morning Playlist to Get Ready With Your Girls To

Set the tone for your big day with the ultimate wedding morning playlist that your bridal party will love!

By Emily Deane, 22/11/19

Wedding Music

The Coolest ’90s R&B Wedding Songs

Fancy taking everyone back to the ’90s? Get your guests in the mood to groove with this nostalgic playlist.

By Emily Deane, 04/11/19

Wedding Music

The Best Wedding Background Music for When You Don't Know What to Play

Setting the right tone for your day can be tricky, let us help you get it right with our pick of the best pieces of wedding background music.

By Emily Deane, 27/08/19

Wedding Music

The Ultimate Wedding Breakfast Music Playlist

Set the scene for your reception with a winning wedding breakfast music playlist that will get your guests in the mood to celebrate.

By Emily Deane, 23/08/19

Wedding Music

24 Modern Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

If you’re looking for the perfect, personal and modern song to walk down the aisle to, we’ve got you covered!

By Emily Deane, 31/07/19

Wedding Music

24 Romantic Songs to Walk Down the Aisle To

Looking to set the scene on the most magical day of your life? These romantic songs to walk down the aisle to are perfect!

By Emily Deane, 29/07/19

Wedding Music

How to Make Your First Dance Even More Magical

Looking to add a bit of extra magic to your first dance? Here are a few ways to take yours to the next level.

By Alice Prendergast, 22/07/19

Wedding Music

The Best First Dance Songs for a Vintage Wedding

Want to take a trip back in time for your big moment in the spotlight? Here are the best first dance songs for a vintage wedding.

By Alice Prendergast, 24/08/18