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If you’re super organized, planning a wedding probably seems like a walk in the park. I mean, with all your experience coordinating wedding suppliers and keeping track of everything on spreadsheets and docs it seems like a cinch, right? While that may be true for you, even the most perfectly laid plans can have hiccups, and for those, you might want wedding insurance. We’ve laid out everything you need to know about what it is, where to get it and how it works to get you in the know.

This is your essential guide to wedding insurance.

What is wedding insurance?

Wedding insurance gives financial protection if anything goes awry with your wedding plans. Maybe you have to cancel or reschedule last minute? Maybe you fall upon any unforeseen losses or damages? It can save you from emptying your savings account to foot the bill.

Do I need wedding insurance?

Getting wedding insurance isn’t mandatory, but it’s definitely a good idea. People don’t plan on things going wrong, but while you can plan, you can’t predict everything. Since you’ll be putting a lot of money into booking all the right wedding suppliers, having a safety net is great to fall into if any of those dreaded worst-case scenarios occur.

Where can I get wedding insurance?

The first person you should be discussing wedding insurance with is your primary insurance provider. There’s a good chance that they offer a plan that fits your needs, and, since you already know and trust the service, it’s a perfect pick. However, if you want to look elsewhere, there are plenty of other options for UK couples, like John Lewis, Debenhams and E&L.

When should I get wedding insurance?

Most wedding insurance suppliers recommend that you purchase your plan as soon as you make your first wedding-related booking - that could be with a venue, a cake baker or any other type of supplier. Since most UK weddings take approximately 15 months to plan, you should start looking at plans just over a year before your wedding date.

Who purchases wedding insurance?

Whoever is paying for the wedding, even if it’s not in full, can usually purchase wedding insurance. That means your parents, grandparents or a generous friend can take care of this task for you.

How much wedding insurance should I get?

Every wedding insurance plan is unique. In fact, most suppliers offer a handful of different plans, so you can really find one that suits your needs (and budget). For example, Debenhams offers five different plans and John Lewis offers six, each at different values.

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