Wedding Decoration

There is no limit of inspiration here for the decoration of your wedding. From ceremony flowers, table centres, party favours... Discover the latest trends and find your own style that will make your wedding magical.

Wedding Decoration

25 Magical Christmas Wedding Ideas

Is celebrating the holiday season inspiring you to host a Christmas wedding? We’ve got all the most fabulously festive ideas you need, right here!

By Emily Deane, 24/12/19

Wedding Decoration

The Most Steal-Worthy 2020 Wedding Flower Trends

Want your blooms to be on point in 2020? You’re going to want to check out these hot wedding flower trends.

By Emily Deane, 25/11/19

Wedding Decoration

The Most On-Trend Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

Looking to make an impact with your wedding reception décor? You’ll love these stunning wedding table decoration ideas.

By Emily Deane, 01/11/19

Wedding Decoration

How Much Do Wedding Flowers Cost in the UK?

Found the perfect floral arrangement on Instagram? We’ll tell you how much your dream wedding flowers cost in the UK and why.

By Emily Deane, 25/10/19

Wedding Decoration

Your Guide to Bridal Bouquet Shapes

No bridal look is complete without a lovely bouquet Let’s take a look at the various bouquet shapes you can choose from to find the best fit.

By Monica Lorraine, 23/10/19

Wedding Decoration

Your Essential Guide to Wedding Bouquets

It’s time to add a little bit of flower power your wedding! Here’s everything you need to know about wedding bouquets.

By Alice Prendergast, 14/08/19

Wedding Decoration

6 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Colour Scheme

These tips will help you choose the wedding colour scheme of your dreams. Follow our lead and you can’t go wrong.

By Alice Prendergast, 30/07/19

Wedding Decoration

13 Steal-Worthy Ribbon Decorations for Your Wedding

After flowers, ribbon is probably the most popular decorative item at celebrations, and weddings are no exception. Let's have a look at how to get the most out of this material.

By Diane Hall, 19/07/19

Wedding Decoration

8 Wedding Reception Seating Arrangements You Need to Know

Ready to get to work on your wedding reception seating arrangement? Here are all the table styles you need to know.

By Alice Prendergast, 11/07/19

Wedding Decoration

6 Things Your Wedding Florist Wants You to Know

From staying open minded with your choice of flowers to creating a mood board, these are the six things your wedding florist wants you to know to make sure you get the blooms of your dreams.

By Lydia Cartwright-Bain, 05/07/19

Wedding Decoration

10 Creative Ways to Decorate with Wedding Bunting

Love the look of wedding bunting? Here are a few fun ways to use it at your celebration, from stationery to seating charts and beyond.

By Alice Prendergast, 25/06/19

Wedding Decoration

The Best Autumn Wedding Flowers

Looking for autumn wedding flower inspiration? Check out our essential guide for seasonal florals that will bring your special day to bright and blooming life!

By Emily Deane, 30/05/19

Wedding Decoration

The Best Winter Wedding Flowers

Add a touch of magic to your special day by following our useful guide to whimsical winter wedding flowers! We guarantee you’ll fall in love with these brilliant blooms.

By Emily Deane, 16/05/19

Wedding Decoration

The Best Spring Wedding Flowers

Struggling to choose the perfect spring wedding flowers? We’ve got the very best blooms all wrapped up in our handy guide – all you need to do now is decide on your colour scheme!

By Emily Deane, 08/05/19

Wedding Decoration

Your Guide to Wedding Buttonholes

Hello grooms, groomsmen and VIP male guests! If you don’t know a single thing about wedding buttonholes, we’re here to help get you in the know.

By Alice Prendergast, 30/04/19

Wedding Decoration

12 Steal-Worthy Wedding Balloon Ideas

Give your wedding an extra dash of dreaminess by putting some of these steal-worthy wedding balloon ideas to use on your big day.

By Alice Prendergast, 24/04/19