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What better way to have fun and capture the fun and goofy times on your day than with a photo booth? Your guests can let loose and the booth will be the background to some of your most cherished memories. Here, we'd like to make some recommendations for preparing a photo booth at your wedding.


  • All of your guests should be able to access the photo booth during the celebration, so make sure you place it in an open space, easily accessed by everyone. 
  • The best time to showcase the booth is during the canapés, if you have space for it. If you place it in the banquet hall it is best to showcase it after your first dance when the party starts. 
UK Photo Booth
  • You'll need someone to briefly explain what it is since this is a new trend. You can also have a nice sign inside the booth that explains what to do. Make it fun; you can put some pictures with funny faces for people to imitate.
  • If you don't want to miss any photos, the best thing is to speak with your photographer so that he can dedicate some time to take pictures of everyone in the booth. This way he can get the best shots with his talent behind the lense. If that's not possible, you can have someone with a tripod take the photos. Of course, everyone can take photos themselves. 
Cruz Photography
  • You can rent a photo booth or buy one, request that they mount it or you can mount it yourself and save some money. It all depends on your budget.
  • Of course, the photo booth should match your wedding theme - the colours and all the decoration. The props you put out for your guests should also follow your theme. 
The Guestbooth
  • Remember, the photo booth and your guestbook can compliment each other if you get inspired and want to include a polaroid camera so guests can paste or hang them with their corresponding messages at your wedding. Let the photo booth be a way for your guests to express their love, leaving you with memories you'll cherish forever.