Historically, the chief bridesmaid was responsible for spending the last few days before the wedding with the bride, both night and day, and would escort her to the ceremony so that nobody could kidnap her and to avoid a runaway bride situation. The bridesmaids dresses were very similar dresses to the bride with the intention of deceiving evil spirits. Nowadays everything is less superstitious and you’ll find blue bridesmaids dresses and in every colour and style imaginable. But yours, as chief bridesmaid, should be a little more special. Here’s how to pick the perfect dress.

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1. Choose depending on the bride’s wedding dress

If the bride has chosen a simple wedding dress, then the chief bridesmaid's dress should also be on the simple side. If the bride has chosen an elaborate lace wedding dress, then the chief bridesmaid dress can also be more intricate and elaborate. The last thing you want is to outshine the bride, so it’s important to know how her dress will be. Most likely, the bride will ask you to accompany her to her dress fittings so you can get a peek at her dress.

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2. Choose according to the time of day and season

As in the case of all the other guests, you should choose your dress according to the time of day and season. This way you dress appropriately, comfortably and in line with the rest of the wedding party. if you are attending a morning wedding the dress should be below the knees and if it’s in the afternoon or evening, it should be long. Long evening dresses are best for winter weddings and medium to short dresses are fine for summer weddings. Of course, these are just general rules, but could help you decide on the dress if you’re unsure.

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3. Pick the right colour

It’s a good idea to ask the mother of the bride what colour she will wear so that you don’t clash. It’s also helpful to know what the colours are of the wedding, for example you could wear a baby blue dress if the colours are pastel or a burgundy dress if the colours are jewel tones. And make sure to ask the bride about the colour of the bridesmaids dresses, so that there’s no clashing there neither. If she chose red bridesmaid dresses, you could wear a different shade of red, for example.

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Ultimately, the key is elegance and to wear something you feel comfortable in, which usually means taking into consideration the factors we explained in this article. Once you’ve found the dress then you’re ready to pick the perfect wedding shoes to match. And finally, don’t forget to ask the bride if you’ll carry a wedding bouquet as well, so that you can colour coordinate your dress with the flowers. With these tips you’ll stand out from the rest without stealing the bride’s spotlight.