Not long ago we spoke about presents for the betrothal.  With this lesson already learned, it is time to go over the most important points for when you ask the person that you love to spend the rest of her life at your side.


  • It doesn’t matter if it is he or she that takes the initiative, it will be a magical moment that will stay in your memory forever.
  • The surprise factor is essential on the day; she should not anticipate what is going to happen, nor when nor where.
  • As for the ring, you can count on the complicity of the parents, go to the house when your partner is not there and take a ring as a reference for the size.  If you already live together then you will have it that much easier.
  • The excuse could be a trip, a romantic meal in a restaurant with views of the city, a walk along the beach at dusk… and just when she least expects it, jump right in and ask her.
  • You could also be original and ask her at a theme park, halfway through a play or musical at the theatre, hire a small plane with a banner declaring your love, etc.  There are no limits to the imagination.
  • The intimacy of your own home can also be the perfect scenario for your betrothal.  Adorning the house with perfumed candles, rose petals, a meal that has been lovingly prepared and a final surprise.
  • Once the “I will” has been given and after the hugs, kisses and emotions, it is time to tell your families.  Get them altogether at a restaurant, in their respective houses, or at the bride’s house to follow the tradition.  After the dessert, give them the good news and toast for your happiness and future union.