There are endless wedding hairstyles to choose from, but if you’ve already decided that you’re going for an updo, you’re one step closer to being ready for your big day. This collection of updos includes wedding hairstyles for long hair as well as a few for short hair. Here are a few tips on how to pick the right hairstyle for your style, your wedding dress, and your hair.

The right hairstyle for the perfect dress

The style of wedding dress you choose is one of the determining factors when it comes to picking the right wedding hairstyle. For example, backless wedding dresses go best with updos, like the ones we’ve shown you in our gallery, because a backless dress is meant to show off your beautiful back. If you cover it up with long hair, you’re defeating the purpose. Similarly, dresses with lots of detailing in the back or in the neckline usually go best with updos, so that the beautiful detail in the dress isn’t hidden. This is probably why so many brides opt for updos. Updos are also recommended for wedding hairstyles with veils, because the hair provides a support on which to secure the veil. If you’d like to let your hair loose, you can go for something in between with a half up half down wedding hairstyle.

What works for your hair

The length and thickness of your hair also determine which hairstyle will work best and maintain its style throughout your wedding. If you have naturally straight hair, for example, it can be difficult to maintain a curly style that lasts all day. If you have naturally curly hair, go for a curly wedding hairstyle, which will be much easier to achieve and to maintain than a style that fights against your hair’s natural tendencies.
Ask your stylist for advice or hairstyle suggestions if you aren’t sure what will work best for your hair. Take along some photos, such as the ones in this gallery, of hairstyles you love, and then have your stylist try a few updos so that you can see which one you love most. Once you’ve picked the style you’ll wear on your big day, schedule an appointment to try on your dress just after you've had your trial hair appointment. This way you can see how the hairstyle looks with your dress.

Hairstyles that never go out of style

When in doubt, go for something classic, so that 10 years from now when you look at your wedding photos you'll still see yourself as stylish and classy. This isn’t to say you can’t choose something contemporary, but the classics won’t let you down. Lately we've seen lots of 20s-inspired, vintage wedding hairstyles with big structured waves. They exude a feeling of Hollywood romance that makes any bride glow. You can also choose simple wedding hairstyles, such as chignons, buns, or slightly gathered hairstyles. For a modern touch, have your stylist create a messier version of the classic do. It’ll create the dreamy, chic bridal look that everyone’s after these days.
As you can see, your bridal look is one artistic masterpiece. First you find your dream wedding dress, then the perfect wedding shoes, then a stylist who makes your bridal hair visions come to life, and finally your makeup look. And voilà, you’re ready for your big day. Whether you’re looking for updos for long hair or classic styles, you’ll find them all in our articles and galleries; all you have to do is click and look.