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Wedding dresses can be a world of mystery; from tulle to Mikado silk to Chantilly and chiffon, it can all begin to feel like a foreign language. While wedding dress shopping is certainly magical, it can also be extremely confusing and, until you’ve actually started looking into it as a bride yourself, can be shrouded in mystery. From choosing a gown to suit you to deciding what to wear underneath and what to do with it after the big day, we’ve found the most googled questions in the UK and answered them. This way you’ll save valuable wedding dress trying on time and get your burning questions answered all in one place!

Here are the answers to the most googled questions in the UK about wedding dresses.

How much are wedding dresses?

We know this probably isn’t what you want to hear but this is kind of a ‘how long is a piece of string?’ question. The cost of wedding dresses can range from anywhere between £20 and a royally expensive £250,000 (the estimated cost for Meghan Markle’s wedding dress). While we’re not suggesting that your local bridal boutique will stock one quite that eye-wateringly pricey, you can expect to see dresses going up to around the £10,000 mark for higher-end designers.

Most brides spend between £1,000 and £1,500 on their wedding gown, but if this sounds too much for you then the high street has plenty of options. There’s been a surge of high street wedding dresses over the last couple of years with retailers such as Ghost, Monsoon and Dorothy Perkins stocking gorgeous gowns – so get ready to pound those pavements! Top tip: we also have these money saving tips for purchasing your wedding dress.

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How to choose a wedding dress?

If we’re being honest, it’s pretty tricky to answer this question. Wedding dresses are such a personal thing and, in our experience, even the bride herself can be surprised by the gown she chooses.

Our advice is to research at as many wedding dresses as possible to get an idea of what you like as the boutique staff are likely to ask you what you’re looking for as a starting point. Once you’ve exhausted their stock of dresses fitting your description, they will likely suggest gowns that you may not have thought of. The key is to choose a gown that will work with your wedding venue and that makes you feel fabulous when you put it on! If you’ve got those two boxes ticked, we reckon you’re on to a winner.

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What to wear wedding dress shopping?

Wedding dresses are not like regular dresses and more likely than not you will need assistance from the boutique staff to get you in and out of the gowns. For this reason, we suggest wearing pants that protect your modesty (maybe best to leave the thongs at home, ladies) and a bra. Take a strapless bra so that you’re not distracted by your bra when trying on different necklines and aim to wear nude underwear that will blend in underneath the fabric.

Top tip! Make sure your feet are prepped and ready to be out in public as you’ll probably be offered bridal sandals and wedding shoes to try on with gowns!

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How long to order a wedding dress?

Order your dress 9-12 months before the big day, this allows time for the dress to arrive and be checked by the boutique staff. You will then have a good few months with your gown for the seamstress to make alterations until it fits you like a glove.

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How to make a plain wedding dress better?

Plain really doesn’t have to mean dull or boring. In fact, some of the simplest wedding dresses we’ve seen have had the biggest impact. If your dress is minimalist in design, opt for a pretty veil or hair accessory to draw attention to your face. Beautiful wedding makeup and hair will be able to shine without all the frills taking away from them below.

Bridal belts and sashes are also options when it comes to creating a stunning bridal ensemble. There are HUNDREDS of them out there, from Etsy to wedding accessory specialists and you’re guaranteed to find one that will set off your dress perfectly.

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What to wear under my wedding dress?

This depends entirely on the dress! Some dresses are simply better without a bra, while some benefit from a little support. Some can hide a strap, while others require a strapless bra. When it comes to your lower half, you may need to invest in seamless underwear if you’re wearing a fitted style but if you’re wearing a ballgown you can get away with just about anything!

Take a few different options with you to your fittings and see what looks best. If your dress doesn’t have a corset sewn in, you may want to consider a basque but it’s all about what makes you feel most comfortable.

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How to store a wedding dress?

Once your wedding day is over, you will need to consider what to do with your dress next. It’s best to get it professionally dry cleaned as it’s likely to be sporting some wear and tear from the dance floor. Next, it’s a good idea to invest in a properly lined storage box that will stop the dress from yellowing over time. Check out the Empty Box Company.

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Where can I sell my wedding dress?

There may be local second-hand boutiques in your area willing to buy your dress if it’s clean and in good condition. You also have the option of using websites such as Bride2Bride or Still White or even eBay! Have a minimum price you’re willing to sell it for in mind and advertise it as this price. It’s an important dress and shouldn’t be let go for less than you think it’s worth.

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