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It’s time to celebrate your new relationship status by taking some engagement photos! Your pre-wedding photoshoot is the perfect time to test out wedding photographers and get some amazing pictures of you and your fiancé(e). If you don’t know where to begin when it comes to planning yours, we’ve got your back.

Here’s how to smash your pre-wedding photoshoot.

Do your research

Kick things off by doing a little bit of research. Look at pre-wedding photoshoots online (or check out some photos from real weddings) and see how couples have staged and posed for their portraits. Save the best of the bunch to your camera roll so that you can show your photographer your favourites. This will give them an idea of how to direct, pose and shoot you.

Hire your photographer

Speaking of your photographer, you’re going to need to invest some time into finding the perfect guy or gal for the job. Lucky for you, we have a supplier directory filled with top-notch UK photographers that shoot in a range of styles. If you don’t find “the one” there, you can always ask your recently engaged or married friends for recommendations. P.S. if you love how your engagement photos turn out, go ahead and hire the same person to shoot your wedding!

Find the perfect backdrop

Now you’ve got to hunt down an amazing engagement photo shoot location. This doesn’t have to be super fancy or expensive, simply find something that suits your personalities. Maybe you’re total homebodies? Ask your photographer to do your pre-wedding photoshoot at home. Or maybe the two of you love the countryside? Take a trip out of town and take your pre-wedding pictures in a forest or field.

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Dress to impress

You’ll want to find some killer outfits for your engagement photos, so dig through your wardrobes and pick out a few of your favourite pieces (of course, you can always use this as an excuse to go shopping). You’ll want to choose ensembles that make you feel both confident and comfortable, so stick to the styles you know and love. Also try your best to choose similar or complementary colours and styles, so that you don’t clash!

Practice posing

Before heading off to your shoot, grab your partner and do a little bit of practising. You may feel a bit dweeby striking poses in front of your mirror, but it’ll teach you what makes you look like superstars and what totally doesn’t work. If you want to go the extra mile, set your camera or phone to a timer and stage a pre- pre-wedding photoshoot. Keep in mind that at your actual shoot you’ll have your photographer to direct you and find your best angles, so the pics will turn out a million times better.

Don’t let your nerves get the best of you

If you’re camera-shy, don’t cancel your pre-wedding photoshoot, just try your best to act natural and enjoy yourself. Remember, if you don’t nail your first, second or even third shot, that’s totally fine, nobody’s expecting you to transform into a model overnight. Ease into it and let your photographer be your guide (it’s their job to make you look your best). Even one amazing picture will be well worth a camera roll of awkward ones.

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