We all know that smoking is bad for our lungs, our skin, our blood, everything.  It ages the skin prematurely by 10-20 years.  Want to be youthful on your big day and age gracefully? Smoking may take away stress, but you'll still look stressed.

"An estimated 1,000 people die in Britain each year from inhaling second-hand smoke" - Guardian.co.uk 

 Rather than go one about the extensive list of health risks associated with smoking, I would like to motivate you to do something that is good for you, good for your loved ones, good for children, asthmatics and amazing for your health, beauty, and mind.  The effect of second-hand smoke on infants is potentially fatal.  Besides, after many years of quitting, I'm sure you won't talk about how much you regret quitting!


First things first:

  • Be aware of the drawbacks and find ways to get through them
  • Take each day one by one
  • Visualise yourself as a non-smoker
  • Remind yourself of why you are quitting every day


Quitting To-Do List:

  1. Ask a friend to stop too 
  2. so you help each other and feel more obliged to keep a promise to quit
  3. Pick a feasable date to quit 
  4. Avoid places where there is smoking
  5. Pick alternative stress reducers, like yoga
  6. Write yourself a motivational slogan to read when you feel temptation
  7. Make the slogan visible everywhere: in your purse, in your closet, mirrors...
  8. Talk about it to friends so that they can help you resist and shower you with support, ask your smoker friends not to offer you a cigarette and not to let you have one
  9. Keep busy, find new things that you really like to do and get obsessed with something else
  10. Save the cigarette money and always think about what you'll spend it on
  11. Keep a single cigarette in your purse/pocket as a reminder of your goal and keep it there until you don't feel the need to smoke and then throw it in the trash!


Other alternatives to include in your plan:

  • Nicotine Replacement Therapy NRT
  • Bupropion Zyban
  • Aromatherapy
  • Accupuncture
  • Meditation
  • Healthy eating
  • Bikram yoga


If you relapse, it is not the end, just go back to your plan and carry on!  You'll waste less money, time and look absolutely radiant and dewy for your wedding day and beyond!


Good informative sites: