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All of us know how pricey hitting the bar can be. Well, it’s even more expensive when you’re stocking a wedding bar yourself and picking up the tab for all of your guests. If you want to cut back your spending, we’ve got a few tips and tricks for you.

Here are a few money saving tips for your wedding bar.

Choose your venue wisely

You may be able to get a sweet deal on your wedding bar goods if you host your event at a winery or brewery wedding venue. Why? They typically offer wedding packages that include their in-house creations at a much lower rate than if you bought it at the store, cutting costs quite a bit. Pro tip: restaurant venues also often include alcohol in their packages, so take your time comparing contracts to see what suits you and your wedding budget best.

Opt for a pay bar

Everybody loves a free wedding bar, but it’s probably not the best choice if you’re trying to save money. While asking your guests to purchase their own beverages is considered to be a major wedding faux pas in some cultures, according to a WeddingWire UK survey, 82% of British weddings have a pay bar (where guests are charged for beverage). Don’t feel bad about asking them to donate a bit of money to your event - you’re paying for their dinner and entertainment for the evening, after all.

Offer limited options

While it would be nice if everyone could have any spirit and cocktail of their choosing, you need to be realistic when deciding how to stock your wedding bar. To save money, we suggest supplying three types of liquor (gin, vodka and whisky), wine (a white and red option), one type of beer and champagne or sparkling wine (reserved for toasts). You can even ditch the hard liquor if you’re really looking to cut down your spending. Of course, you’ll also need non-alcoholic mixers, so don’t forget to work those into your budget (and maybe skip the fresh, cold-pressed juice and pricey artisanal sodas).


Don’t do drink accessories

You don’t have to turn your wedding drinks into artistic masterpieces! Skip the plastic spears, cocktail umbrellas and fancy stir sticks and use simple garnishes, like lime and lemon wedges to amp up your beverages, instead. Seriously, drink accessories may seem like small expenses, but they can really add up. It’s best to cut them out and save those extra £s for something you really love (like a few extra strands of fairy lights or some kickass wedding shoes).

Be basic when it comes to glassware

You’ve probably purchased (or rented) plenty of awesome decor for your wedding, so you don’t have to invest all that extra cash in prettying up your glassware (it definitely won’t be what all your guests are focusing on). Go with standard clear glasses and stemware instead of extravagant goblets and trendy moscow mule mugs. Bonus: many wedding venues include things like glassware in their packages, so if you’re not fussed with how your tumblers and wine glasses look, you’ll probably be able to get an awesome discount.

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