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You’ve probably already worked out your wedding budget and found your venue, so it’s time to start working on the finer details of your big day. First up? Your wedding colour scheme. If you and your partner don’t adore the same hues you may have trouble coming up with the palette for your big day. But have no fear, we’re here to help! There are a lot of ways to get inspired colour-wise, and we’ve got all the tips and tricks for you.

Here are a few tips for choosing your wedding colour scheme.

Get inspired

You know all those photos you’ve been flagging on Insta and Pinterest? Well, now’s the time to put them to use. Chances are the reason you chose some of them was for their colour palettes, even if you didn’t notice. If you’re particularly head-over-heels for one combo, we say go ahead and borrow it for your big day and use these images to create a mood board.

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Use your wedding venue to guide you

One of the first tasks you’ll take care of in your planning journey is hiring wedding venues for your ceremony and reception. Unless you’re hosting your wedding outdoors or have managed to find a blank slate with neutral walls, decor and flooring, these places probably already have colour schemes in place. Choose shades that match or complement those already inside your venues for your colour palette so that nothing looks out of place. Pro tip: take photos of everything from the wallpaper to the carpeting so you have colour references.

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Consider your theme

Your wedding theme is the jumping-off point of all your wedding decorations, so don’t forget to put it into consideration when choosing your colour scheme. If you’ve opted for a rustic countryside affair, a neutral colour scheme may be the perfect fit. It will allow you to use shabby chic additions like burlap bows, rustic wooden tables and wheat-filled centrepieces. On the other hand, if you’re going for a luxe Gatsby themed celebration, you may want to focus on golds and rich jewel tones.

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Think about the season

Some wedding colour schemes are best paired with particular seasons. If you need proof, just pick up a copy of your favourite fashion magazine at any given time of year. Summer is all about bold, bright tones, autumn is when earthy hues like red and orange shine their brightest, winter is when frosty whites and jewel tones come out to play and spring is the time to bust out pastels. Of course, you can always shake things up – after all, this is your wedding, so you make the rules.

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Choose hues that flatter you

Your wedding day is one time when you should really put yourself first. Be a little vain and focus on colours that complement your look. Maybe your shiny red mane looks amazing when surrounded by deep emerald tones? Go ahead and incorporate green into your wedding colour scheme. Or perhaps your blue eyes really pop when orange hues are in play? Go ahead and include some copper tones in your wedding decor.

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Find shades that match your favourite flowers

Flowers are the central decor feature of most weddings. From aisle decorations to wedding bouquets to table centrepieces, they’ll be surrounding you at both your ceremony and reception. Chances are you know at least one variety of bloom you want to incorporate into your arrangements, so go ahead and use it as the inspiration for your colour palette. After all, not all flowers come in a variety of shades. 

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