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Your eyes may be glued to your partner on your wedding day, but you don’t want to forget about everyone else in the room - especially your dear old dad. Watching you say your vows and tie the knot will probably be some of the proudest moments of his life, after all! If you’re looking for some special ways to show your father some love and make him feel special, we’re here to help.

Here’s how to make your father feel loved on your wedding day.

Give him a shout out in your order of service pamphlets
Your order of service pamphlets (also known as ceremony programmes) are pieces of stationery you definitely don’t want to skip. They’ll fill your guests in on everything from your big day’s itinerary to the names of your bridesmaids and/or groomsmen. Their first or final pages are regularly reserved for thank-yous, so go ahead and give your dad a shout out here. If you want to take things to the next level, you could dedicate half or a whole page to him and include some words of wisdom he’s given you over the years.

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Steal his style
If you’re a groom, you’ve got it easy - you can borrow a suit, tie, pocket square or other accessory from your father and work it flawlessly into your wedding ensemble. For bride’s things aren’t as simple (unless, of course, you’re pulling a Diane Keaton and rocking a menswear-inspired ensemble), but there are a few tried and true ways to work some of your dad’s wardrobe into your wedding look. For example, you could ask your seamstress to sew a piece of his pocket square, tartan or tie into your dress. Remember, it doesn’t have to be visible for it to mean something!

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Have a first look
Traditionally, the first time the bride is seen by her friends, family and fiancé(e) is when she makes her grand entrance, but if you want to make your dad feel extra special, give him a sneak peek and do a cheeky first look an hour or so before your ceremony kicks off. You’ll definitely want to have your photographer around for this moment - emotions will be running at an all time high and the snapshots they capture will be priceless.

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Ask him to escort you to the altar
There’s a good chance you’ve already planned this, but if not, ask your dad to walk you down the aisle. A father ‘giving away’ his child is an extra sentimental moment that he probably won’t want to miss out on. P.S. if you’re rocking sky-high heels, he’ll be able to keep you steady, which is a blessing in and of itself.

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Take photos
Your father will be basking in every moment of your big day and he’ll want to hold onto those memories after your celebration wraps, too. Don’t forget to schedule a portrait session with your dear old dad before or after your ceremony so that you have plenty of pics of the two of you (and the rest of your fam, obvi). Pro tip: you’ll want to ask for your photographer to get candids during your reception, too, especially of sweet moments like the father-daughter dance.

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Seat him at your table
Not planning on sneaking away to a sweetheart table with your spouse? Go ahead and give your parents some prime real estate at your top table for your wedding breakfast. Including your father in the VIP section is bound to make him feel special.

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See if he’ll give a speech
It is traditional for the father of the bride to give a speech at the wedding reception, so your dad has probably already started drafting his. This is a chance for him to tell you how proud of you he his, how much he loves you and, maybe even give you a little bit of advice. Remember, this doesn’t just have to be for the ladies, the groom’s dad can totally give speeches, too.


Add a father-daughter dance to your reception itinerary
Before your reception comes to a close, have a dance with your dad. Choose a song that suits your relationship and jive, waltz or bust a move on the floor. This is a moment for the two of you to really let loose and have a good time, so savour it!

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