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Your honeymoon is probably going to be the most memorable holiday of your life and the destination you choose plays a big part in making it magical. While you could close your eyes, spin a globe and head off to the first place you put your finger, we suggest being a touch more methodical when deciding on your honeymoon destination. Follow this guide and you should land on the perfect place in no time.

Here’s how to decide on your honeymoon destination.

Keep your mind on your money

First things first, sorting out your budget. You’ll want to factor in your honeymoon when divvying up the pounds and pence for your wedding venue, decorations, food and more so that you’re able to have the holiday of your dreams. Yes, this may mean you have to hire a slightly less expensive caterer, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. Once you’ve settled on the magic number, you can start searching for honeymoon destinations that match that price point. Pro tip: if you don’t want to dip into your wedding funds at all, you can always ask your guests to chip in for your holiday by creating a honeymoon gift list instead of a regular wedding gift list.

Make a list of dream destinations

Now the real work begins. Before you start searching through copies of Wanderlust Magazine and Insta-stalking travel bloggers, write down all the places that are already on your wish list. Ask your partner to do the same and then compare your results. If you write down the same or similar places, you’re off to a great start. You should be prepared to make a few compromises if the two of you have totally different styles - you want this trip to be fun for both of you.

Try something new

If you and your S.O. have already gone on your fair share of holidays and have followed the same formula for each and every one of them, it may be time to break out of your box and try something new like an offbeat honeymoon destination in Europe. Consider booking your holiday in a place you’ve never been and trying activities that you’ve never done before.

Find your style

Holidays are special snowflakes, each has its own unique flair. Figure out the style of honeymoon you want and let that guide you in your search for a honeymoon destination. Maybe you’re dreaming of a foodie honeymoon? Look for a place with killer restaurants and amazing markets. Want a laid back retreat? Hunt for a location with beaches, spas and retreats. Perhaps an artsy vacation is in the cards for you? You’ll want to search for a spot with plenty of galleries, museums and street art.

Figure out the dates

I know, I know, you want to ride off into the sunset with your new spouse as soon as your reception wraps, but that’s not always the brightest idea. Do a bit of research and find out what time of year is the most hospitable weather-wise for the destination(s) on your list so that you’re not stuck indoors for the entire thing. You’ll also want to research honeymoon packages to find out when travelling is the least expensive, after all, you probably just spent a fortune on your wedding. Pro-tip: we've researched the best honeymoon destinations in August and September to help you out.

How long should it be?

There’s no set time frame for a honeymoon, so just focus on what works for you and your schedule. Some couples have the luxury of globe-trotting for weeks, while others can only afford to leave town for five days. Remember, it’s not about the number of days, it’s about the quality of your holiday and the time you spend together. If you have less than a week available, you’ll probably want to choose a honeymoon destination closer to home, but if you’ve got more time on your hands, feel free to book that 11-hour flight to LA.

You can have more than one

When it comes to honeymoons, the more the merrier. OK, you probably don’t want to spend a year on holiday - that’ll definitely throw you into debt - but you can definitely have more than one. If you don’t have the time or money for a two-week-long vacay at a luxury honeymoon destination right after you tie the knot, opt for a staycation or a weekend-long escape to the country for some R&R (some call this a minimoon), then go on your legit honeymoon to a faraway place later down the line.

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