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Throughout history wedding planners have played a major role in making sure the wedding runs smoothly and is what the couples have always dreamed of. Couples entrust a wedding planner to tackle the big tasks of their wedding. For many couples it's the first time you are planning a wedding, so it can seem daunting or make you feel overwhelmed when you get started. It's hard not to recommend hiring a wedding planner, but of course you need to find the right one. The wedding planner should be professional, efficient, timely, organised, and have good taste and suppliers to work with. Experience is also important, though at the end of the day experience isn't everything. So, let's get into our tips.

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When you browse through the wedding planner listings in WeddingWire you should see if the wedding planner has any reviews from other brides and grooms who contracted their services. You should also check out forums online to see if other couples have said anything about the wedding planner. You'll see that forums are a very genuine source of reviews for all your wedding suppliers whenever you can't find their reviews in WeddingWire.

When you start finding your wedding venue and other suppliers such as your photographer, catering, etc, you should ask them if they know the wedding planner you are interested in hiring. Ask if they have ever worked with them and if so, what was their experience and how was it to work with them. Don't be afraid to ask all the questions you need to ask in order to get a good understanding of how your wedding planner works.


Make sure that the photos they show on their listing and on their website are from weddings that have actually planned themselves. You'll find that lots of wedding planners include generic photos that aren't even from weddings they have planned themselves. Sometimes they use photos they have purchased, so try to take a closer look at their photos to see if they look like real photos from real weddings.

If you can't find photos, ask them to send you examples of weddings they have planned. They should be able to show you weddings that are in line with the kind of wedding you want.

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Follow their work. Nowadays most wedding planners have their own blog or website where they show off their work. We love it when they have a blog where they journal about their wedding experiences and their work. Look at the weddings they have planned to see if you like their style.

Background check

When you meet with them it's a good idea to ask them about their studies and background. Aside from wedding planning courses, it is always best when they have studied Public Relations, Event Organization, Tourism or Protocol, and that they have plenty of experience in the organization of events. Wedding planning experience is a given of course.

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All professionals charge for their work. If a wedding planning company tells you that it does not charge for its services, it is usually because they receive commissions from the suppliers they work with, and this can become a handicap, since they would most likely be limited to working only with their own suppliers. Wedding planners who do charge the bride and groom for their services do not usually have any limitation as to which suppliers you can hire for your wedding.
Once you are ready to hire your perfect wedding planner, make sure to sign a contract and ensure that they give you an invoice for each payment you make. Then you're ready!

We're sure that the right wedding planner will make your wedding dreams come true.