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So, you’ve ordered all your essentials and your wedding bar is ready to go? Not so fast! You’ll want to spruce it up and make it more wedding worthy than your average watering hole. From using themed props to stocking up on fun extras, we’ve got a few tips and tricks that take drink station set ups above and beyond.

Here’s how to design your wedding bar.

Stick to your theme
Your wedding theme should be your guiding light for all your wedding details, so use it to point you in the direction of the perfect wedding bar for your big day. If you’re throwing a shabby-chic affair in the countryside, try incorporating barrels or crates in your design for a real rustic look. Or, perhaps you’re looking for something a with a bit of vintage flair? Look into a mobile bar hire housed in a vintage van or trailer or head to flea market and try to find an old cabinet, chest of drawers or even suitcases to repurpose. Whatever style you’ve gone with, there’s a bar that fits the bill.

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Play with props
Adding props to your display is another surefire way to infuse it with a bit of personality to your wedding bar. For example, if you’re hosting a tropical themed wedding (very on-trend right now), think about topping your bar with a few real or faux pineapples or coconuts. You don’t want to overdo it, but a few well-placed pieces of decor can really pack a punch.

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Make your signage stand out
Signage is another place where you can really play around. Instead of printing your drinks list on standard printer paper, flex those creative muscles and try something a bit different. Need some inspo? Use a light box, write out your offerings on a mirror or chalkboard or use reclaimed wood as your canvas. You don’t have to break the bank and hire a calligrapher for the job - it’s an easy DIY project that you (or an artistic member of your wedding party) can tackle.

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Don’t go for basic glassware
Yes, you’ll probably want to find a glass hire for some standard tumblers and champagne flutes, but why not go with something with a bit more flair for your signature cocktails. If you’re serving moscow mules, do it right and get your hands on some some copper mugs. Maybe you’re trying to give your big day a bit of island flavour and have opted for Pina Coladas? Dishe ‘em out in hollowed out coconuts or tropical pineapple glasses. Creativity is key.

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Stock up on extras
Your job isn’t finished once you’ve made your menu, purchased your bottles and rented your glassware! Make things a bit more festive by purchasing colourful straws, drink umbrellas, stir sticks, and/or name tags. Sure, these bits and bobs may not be “mandatory”, but they’ll look super stylish displayed on your wedding bar and make the drinking experience that much more enjoyable for you and your guests.

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