Peter Denness
Peter Denness

If you’re a total introvert, dancing can be one of the most intimidating parts of your wedding reception. While you can’t transform into a Julianne Hough clone in a few months, you can master a few moves and prepare yourself. From hiring a dance instructor to sticking with a few tried and true steps, these tips will help you take to the floor like pro on your big day.

Here’s how to dance like a pro at your wedding.

Get a coach
This is probably the most obvious tip, but it really pays off. If you struggle with dancing or are a total introvert, hiring a dance teacher is the best thing you can do. They’ll help you master key moves and increase your confidence, so you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Can’t afford the extra expense? Find a few dance tutorials on YouTube and spend your time practicing around your flat.

Make your playlist fit your moves
Fact: the music you choose will determine how you dance. If you’re better at moving and grooving to slow songs, stack your playlist with mellow hits and sweet sentimental jams by crooners like Ed Sheeran and Michael Bublé. If fast paced dancing is more your style, add more upbeat songs to your roster. This will ensure that you’re in your element when you hit the floor.

Practice makes perfect
Your schedule is probably already pretty full with cake tasting, dress fittings and meetings with your suppliers, but don’t forget to pencil in a little time for dance practice. This doesn’t mean you have to book studio time - dedicating a few hours to waltzing around your living room can do wonders.

Video: Wedding Dance Workshops

Don’t indulge in too many bevys
Now, a little bit of liquid courage can transform you from a wallflower into a dancing queen, but too many cocktails can be a recipe for disaster (especially in the dancing department). We recommend sipping on champagne or a light drink before spotlight dances (like your first dance and parent-child dance) so that you can move your feet to the beat. Once the crowd and party get a little wilder and the night wares on, you can let loose a little more.

Stick to the basics
If you’re not a trained dancer, you may want to skip the elaborate twirls, spins and dips. Sure, if you’re ultra confident, you can try to tackle them, but if you get embarrassed when the spotlight shines on you, stick to the basics. Go with the moves you know and love, not the ones you’ve seen on TV. P.S. what matters is that you have fun, not how you look in your BFFs Insta story.

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