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So, you’ve said yes and you’re ready to start assembling your crack team of wedding suppliers? Well, hold your horses just a sec! Before you even start looking into wedding florists, bakers, caterers and the lot, there are a few details that need to be set in stone. Remember, planning a wedding is no easy feat, so you want to start off with a solid foundation.

Here’s what you need to know before booking your wedding suppliers.

Wedding budget

First things first - nailing down the wedding budget for your big day. Yes, this can be stressful, but you really shouldn’t put it off for long. Why? Because knowing exactly how much you have to spend will help you figure what kind of food, attire and decor you can afford for your wedding without breaking the bank. So, gather all the parties that will be contributing to your wedding day and get that figure sorted out ASAP (you want to leave the conversation with a solid number). P.S. if you need help divvying it all up, use WeddingWire’s Budget Planner tool - it shows you exactly how much you should be aiming to spend on each vendor and detail.

Wedding date

You can’t exactly hire someone for a job without giving them a timeframe, so you’ll need to know exactly what day, month and year your wedding will fall on before you start looking for candidates to join your wedding supplier squad. Note: the top vendors usually book up fast, especially if you’re aiming for peak season, so you’ll want to sort out this piece of the puzzle right at the beginning of your planning journey.

Wedding location

Naturally, prospective wedding suppliers are going to want to know where their services will be needed, so sort out your wedding venue(s) before you start putting together your team. No, having an idea of where you’ll be hosting it isn’t enough - you want to have all your ducks in a row (contracts signed and a deposit down) prior to working on the finer details of your big day. Keep in mind, if your wedding will be taking place far from your vendors’ homes or offices, you may have to pay additional fees for their travel and accommodations.

Guest count

Before you can sort out details like what food you’ll be serving and what style of chairs will be filling your reception hall, you need to know just how many people will be attending your wedding. Remember, your suppliers’ workload (and fees) will fluctuate depending on how many guests are attending, so giving them this info at the get-go is crucial. Now, there’s a good chance that not everyone has RSVP’d this early in the game, but you should know how many wedding invitations you plan to send out. Make an educated guess and give them an approximate headcount (it’s totally cool if this number changes a bit, but it shouldn’t go from, say, 200 to 500).

Wedding theme

Now, before you freak out, you don’t have to have all the fine details of your wedding theme ironed out, but having a vision (even a vague one) will help you choose the right wedding suppliers for the job. Need help? Start putting together Pinterest boards of wedding related images that inspire you and thinking of keywords that describe their look. This should help point you in the direction of your theme.

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