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Before finding the wedding perfume you'll wear on your wedding day, there are some factors you should consider. These factors are things, such as the time of day, ceremony venue, the dress, the bouquet, and of course, your own preferences.

Tips for choosing your wedding perfume

The time of day matters
Getting married in the morning isn't the same as getting married in the afternoon or in the evening. A rich perfume could blend perfectly with your evening wedding, but can be excessive for a morning wedding. A fresh, clean smelling perfume is the safe bet for morning weddings, so leave the rich perfume for the afternoon or evening.

The time of year matters too
A very similar criteria for choosing your wedding day perfume can be applied for the time of year when you’ll be tying the knot. Spring and summer generally calls for light, fruity wedding perfumes, whereas you can get away with more daring, rich perfumes or colognes in the autumn and winter.

Where you get married is important
Whether you are marrying in a church, a garden, a park, at the beach, or in court it is important to take your choice of venue into consideration when picking out a wedding perfume. Keep in mind the size of the venue, and even the surrounding aromas, such as incense in the church or flowers in the garden. If there are surrounding scents, it’s best to stick with a perfume that’s light and that won’t clash or be overpowering.

You won’t be the only one wearing perfume
Most likely both the bride and groom, as well as the guests, will be wearing some sort of scent. That’s why we recommend asking your partner what he or she will be spraying themselves with on the big day. This way you can ensure your scents don’t clash.

Your bouquet could be a factor
Depending on the flowers in your bouquet, you may want to choose a lighter fragrance that will match those floral aromas. You'll be carrying the bouquet for some time, during the ceremony and afterwards for the wedding photos, so it’s a good idea to make sure the perfume you choose doesn’t clash with your aromatic blooms.

Follow your heart
Your personal taste is also an important factor. Now is not the time to choose something you normally wouldn’t wear. The same goes for your dress and your entire bridal look. Choose a perfume that makes you feel beautiful and confident, that mixes well with your natural scent and with your own taste. You can always save money and wear the perfume you wear everyday, a perfume that reminds you of when you first met your partner or that brings you both good memories.

A little goes a long way
Less is more, and this couldn’t be more true when it comes to perfume. Remember that you’re not only wearing it for yourself, but for everyone else around you. So just apply a little of your wedding day perfume on your pulse points; on your wrists, collar bone, behind your ears and a light spray in your hair. It will last a long time and won’t be too overpowering.

While you’re thinking about sweet scents, go find your makeup artist!