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The big day is coming up and all you need to do is practice walking down the aisle and holding your bridal bouquet. But before you start practicing, let's go over a few tips and suggestions to help you hold your bridal bouquet with poise and perfection. The bouquet is a central bridal accessory that complements your look, so it's important to position it and hold it just right. Read on to learn how it's done!

Here's how to hold your bridal bouquet correctly.

Choose the right bouquet
Before even considering how to hold your bouquet, let's just make sure you're choosing the right bridal bouquet. The right bouquet should be proportionate to your height and build. For example, if you are petite, you should avoid choosing a long cascading bouquet or a large presentation bouquet. A spray or a posy would probably best. And if you're tall you can certainly carry a cascading bouquet or a trendy large, unstructured bouquet. Picking the right bouquet shape and size is important.

Photography by Ochi

Left or right?
It's important to get the first moment right, so practice the walk with your father or whoever will walk you down the aisle, who traditionally walks on your left, leaving your right hand free to carry the bouquet. There is no problem switching positions and holding your bouquet with your left hand. If you're walking alone, hold the bouquet with both hands and hold it close to your body, in a relaxed, poised manner. At the altar, hold the bouquet with both hands. If you have a presentation or cascading bouquet, hold it facing the guests and set it down on the altar during the ceremony. Afterwards, you should hold the bouquet with your free hand, depending on which side the groom is on.


The ideal height
It's important to consider the type of bouquet you're carrying in order to hold it at the right height. It may seem like a small detail, but you'll thank us when you're flipping through your wedding photos. Consider the size and style of your bouquet. If you are unsure, it's best to hold most small and medium sized bouquets at the level of your belly button, otherwise you will look uncomfortable carrying it. Make sure your arms create a gentle angle, no higher than a 45 degree angle. Don't hold it too close to your dress to avoid possibly staining your dress.

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Hold it like you mean it
You should definitely hold your bouquet firm and tight, but you should allow yourself to move delicately and with poise, to avoid looking rigid. The bouquet is supposed to highlight your bridal look and add an extra touch of style and beauty, so relax your arms and take a deep breath, it will help you in holding a more natural posture.

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The shape and size matter
For tall bouquets and some single stem ones, you'll want your bouquet to rest on your arm with the blossoms facing your guests. If you have chosen a cascading bouquet, make sure you hold it tight and close, so that the flowers are always visible. In general, the larger the bouquet the more you'll need to position it just right. Posy or spray bouquets tend to be easier to hold in such a way that you'll always look picture perfect.

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When you'll carry your bouquet
This is only up to you, but normally you should hold your bouquet during the ceremony, the pictures, the entrance to the banquet, and during the toast. If you are wondering where you should put your bouquet during the reception, you can leave it in a vase next to you at the table. After that you'll have a bouquet toss and then it is, literally, out of your hands. Of course, you could also give the bouquet to someone special or preserve it if it pains you to "toss" it.

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Be comfortable with your bouquet
The most important thing when carrying the bouquet is to feel confident and comfortable. Above all, choose a bouquet you like, which matches your personal style, or has your favourite flowers or colours. You might even want to try a new trend. Right now we're seeing lots of bouquets with succulents, exotic or unusual foliage, and boldly coloured blooms. The bouquets also have a messier, more organic shape and are rather large.

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