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So, you just said yes and are ready to dive headfirst into the next phase of your relationship? We are all for that! While it’s easy to get carried away after you get engaged and start celebrating and wedding planning ASAP, there are a few things you definitely want to steer clear of in the days following your engagement. We’ve laid them all out here so that you don’t burn yourself out before your big day arrives.

Here’s everything you shouldn’t do right after you get engaged.

Spam your followers

Every social media savvy couple wants to show off their love on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, but try your best not to go overboard after you get engaged. We know it’s hard not to post all those adorable engagement pictures, but your followers definitely don’t care as much about your updated relationship status as you do. Plus, spamming your nearest and dearest with photos will definitely lead to people asking questions about whether or not they’ll be invited to the wedding (and you’re probably not prepared to answer just yet).

Send out verbal invitations

Speaking of wedding invitations, these really shouldn’t be on your mind the week after you get engaged. Sorting out your wedding guest list won’t be easy and you may not be able to invite everyone you intended to, so keep your lips sealed until you’re prepared to actually mail out some wedding stationery in the post.

Get too spendy

While your engagement may seem like a reason to splurge and celebrate, we recommend being as frugal as possible in the weeks following your proposal. You’ll soon be investing in venues and wedding supplierss, and those cost a pretty penny. Yes, you can totally have a fancy dinner with your S.O. or throw a low-key engagement party with friends and family, but we highly suggest skipping buying a brand new car or putting a down payment on a country house.

Purchase your wedding dress

There’s a good chance you’ve been drafting designs for your wedding dress since you were a child. Even if you think you know exactly what you want, take a few weeks after you get engaged to gather your thoughts, find some reference photos and look into which wedding boutiques you should be visiting. You should also choose the date, venue and style of your wedding before you try on any gowns - these factors will help you determine what the perfect dress for your big day really looks like.

Create family drama with your (almost) in-laws

OK - nobody means to stir up family drama, but you really have to be on your best behaviour with a wedding on the horizon. Staying in your in-laws good graces will make wedding planning that much easier for you, so do what you can to keep everyone happy from the get-go. Keep in mind that they’re super excited to have you joining their family, so they’ll probably be a bit more eager to hang out than normal. Do your best to accommodate them, but know that you don’t have to overextend yourself.

Be total party animals

There are a lot of pre-wedding parties in your future and you don’t want to go too crazy right at the beginning. Though many of your friends will probably try to celebrate your upcoming nuptials with dinners, drinks and parties, we suggest keeping it to a minimum right after your proposal. You definitely don’t want to go overboard with spending and socializing before you’ve even planned an engagement party.

Forget to take care of your engagement ring

We know, you’re not going to forget about your shiny new bling anytime soon, but your need to do more than just wear it. After you’ve accepted that rock, there are some important steps you need to take. What are these? Getting it appraised, insured and - if it doesn’t fit correctly - sized. You should also be treating it with a bit more TLC than your normal day-to-day jewellery, so skip wearing it to the gym or while you’re cleaning your flat.

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