The Ferros
The Ferros

So, you and your partner are planning to elope instead of hosting an extravagant wedding? Well, there are a few things you definitely need to avoid. Keep these things in mind when preparing your intimate celebration (and when it’s wrapped), so that everything goes off without a hitch.

Here’s everything you shouldn’t do if you plan to elope.

Don’t forget to look for elopement packages

Many hotels and resorts offer elopement packages for couples who are looking to elope. If they’re not advertised on the website, you can ask their events coordinator if they can make your wedding dreams come true at a lower cost. Package deals often include accommodations, floral arrangements, music and more, so you won’t have to invest tons of time looking for and booking suppliers - it’s all taken care of for you. Bonus: we’ve rounded up these wonderfully romantic elopement packages in Scotland.

Don’t skip the bells and whistles

If you elope, your event is gonna be a little bit smaller than a traditional wedding ceremony and reception, but that doesn’t mean you should skip investing in some celebratory bells and whistles. No, you don’t have to impress other people, but you still want to impress yourselves! Go ahead and splurge on a gorgeous bouquet, musician, decor and/or outfit to make your wedding a little more special than your average celebration.

Don’t forego the wedding photographer

Obviously, you’re going to want pictures to remember this epic relationship milestone, so invest some time into finding the perfect photographer for the job. Our suppliers directory includes listings for wedding photographers across the UK, so you’re sure to find one in your desired elopement destination.

Sarah Longworth
Sarah Longworth

Don’t keep it a secret (after the fact)

Okay, there’s a good chance you won’t notify everyone of your elopement before you go through with it, but you’ll want to spread the news after. We suggest telling your inner circle first and then posting on social media and telling others, otherwise, feelings are going to get hurt. Pro tip: we've got a few ideas for how to include friends and family in your elopement.

Don’t expect everyone to take the news well

Of course, your friends and family are going to be happy for you, but they may not show it at first. If they were dying to see you tie the knot, they may be a little salty when you first tell them that you eloped. Don’t be surprised if you get a bit of backlash, it’ll wear off in due time.

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