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One of the best parts of being a bride is putting together your bridal ensemble. While you’ve probably thought a lot about your wedding dress, you may not have considered all the other elements of your look. To help you out, we’ve mapped out all the accessories and goodies you’ll need to create a wow-worthy wedding look that’s sure to keep all eyes on you on your big day.

Here’s everything you need for an amazing bridal ensemble.

A stunning wedding dress
Okay, this is obvious, but you’re going to want to put some serious TLC into choosing your wedding dress. Your frock will be the focal point of your look, and you don’t want to rock any old dress. Aim to find one that complements your figure (there are plenty of silhouettes to choose from) and your wedding theme.

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Some killer bridal lingerie
Once you’ve found your wedding dress, you’ll want to figure out what you’ll be wearing underneath it. The last thing you want to be sporting on your wedding day is granny panties and your t-shirt bra, so schedule a trip to Victoria’s Secret or go all out and get some fancy custom lingerie for your big day. Don’t forget to get fitted even if you think you know your size - things may have changed a bit if you’ve committed to a wedding diet and workout plan for the past few months.

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The right veil (or some accessories for your hair)
If you’re going with a classic look for your wedding day, you’re going to need to get your hands on a veil. There are plenty of different styles out there, from dainty birdcage veils to lengthy cathedral numbers, so you’ve got options. If you want something a touch more modern for your bridal ensemble, you could ditch the veil altogether and go with some flashy hair accessories, like a glittering hair vine or halo made of greenery or flowers.

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Bling, rings and shiny things
Yes, your wedding ring is going to be the most important accessory you rock on your wedding day, but that doesn’t mean you have to forego all other jewels. A few dainty bangles, some gorgeous gemstone earrings or a statement necklace might be just what your look needs. P.S. this is a great way to incorporate ‘something borrowed’ into your bridal ensemble - simply ask your mum or gran if they have an heirloom that would work with your wedding look.

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Fancy footwear
Last but certainly not least, you’ll need to finish off your bridal ensemble with the right shoes. Find a pair that's comfortable enough to get you to the altar without slipping or stumbling but stylish enough that you’ll want to show ‘em off in your wedding photos. Remember, if your ceremony shoes are less than perfect for dancing, you can always swap them out for sneakers or flats at your reception.

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