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We all know that weddings can require a hefty budget. You may spend a lot on even smallest items, such as the personalised wedding invitations that feature a custom-made map that guides guests to your venue. And when you go to try on wedding dresses you may find that your dream bridal gown is way over your budget. The solution is often to spend less on other things, such as the wedding favours or maybe you go for DIY wedding favours.

If you're a crafty bride or have a bit of time to make some lovely low-cost wedding favours, then take note of these 20 wonderful ideas that your guests will love.

Cheap, but lovely

Whether or not you love to cook, you can create special and low-cost wedding favours your guests will love. They will look anything but cheap, we can assure you. Think of something you are really good at cooking or making. If you need more inspiration, thinking of wedding themes can help you find the most fitting favour for your wedding. There are endless unique wedding ideas out there.

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DIY edibles

We love edible wedding favours because guests can enjoy eating them later on during the wedding or take them home to enjoy. And even if you can't cook or don't have the time, you can purchase artisanal cookies, marmalade etc, and then repackage them in mini containers or jars. Then the only work you need to do is personalise the packaging to make them extra special.

  • 1. Mini jars of marmalade
  • 2. Mini bottles of hot sauce
  • 3. Jute pouches of cookies
  • 4. Tiny boxes of caramelised nuts
  • 5. Artisanal lollies
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  • 6. Mini boxes of assorted chocolates
  • 7. Mason jars of hot chocolate mix
  • 8. Mason jars with dry ingredients for your favourite cookies 
  • 9. Mini jar of your favourite muesli mix
  • 10. Jars of your favourite loose-leaf tea
  • 11. Mini bottles of cold brew coffee
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DIY keepsakes

If you want something non-edible, think of what your hobbies and passions are. We're sure you'll come up with the perfect wedding favour DIY that's cheap and stunning. Let the wedding favours represent your personalities and styles. And if you have different passions then one part of the wedding favour could represent the bride and the other the groom, for example.

  • 12. Second-hand books carefully selected for each guest
  • 13. Handmade bookmarks with a poem or quote from your personal wedding vows
  • 14. Mini potted plants 
  • 15. Seed paper pouches
  • 16. DIY newspaper detailing your love story, wedding and loved ones
  • 17. Origami hearts with your favourite poem written inside
  • 18. USB with your wedding playlist
  • 19. Personalised matchstick boxes instead of the traditional wedding favour boxes
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Once you've found the perfect DIY wedding favours, think about the packaging. You can create personalised labels and print them on stock paper or on label paper. Make sure to add your names and wedding date and wedding venue. Another way to make the favours more personal is to add a tag to all the personalised wedding favours with the name of each guest. Buy some nice tags and a fountain pen. Then all you have to do it look at the guest list to make sure you spell everyone's name correctly.

We hope these ideas inspired you. You'll see that you can personalise every aspect of your wedding while still keeping it low cost. All you need is to go through wedding ideas and save all the ideas you like most. Get inspired by the funny wedding cake toppers, unique wedding flowers, etc. Wedding themes are often inspired by just one detail, and in this case it could be your wedding favours.