Smooth back messy bun

This sleek, smoothed back style with a large solid bun highlight the bride's face.

By Makeupology
Alex Coman
Sleek chignon

This rolled up chignon is picture perfect and fit for a princess with the dazzling hair pin.

By Alex Coman
Sam McDermott Photographer
Loose low bun

This loose, low bun is elegant and care-free at the same time. Don't worry about perfection with this look; it's more about being natural.

By Sam McDermott Photographer
Wide voluminous bun

This low, wide, bun has lots of volume and overlapping layers. Combined with a glamorous headband, it highlights a long neck and is very classy.

By Brideshair
Shooting Pixels
Braided back

Create a Scandinavian look with a style that's braided back into a bun. Incorporate a few small flowers for a more romantic look.

By Shooting Pixels
David Silis Photography
Topknot bun

If you're not one for fancy do's, this care-free topknot is the perfect pick for you.

By David Silis Photography
Swept back bun

This is an effortless, yet complex hairstyle, perfect with bangs and adorned with a few flowers.

By Two-D
Shoot the Day Photography
Big doughnut bun

Medium height buns are a great choice since they match the majority of styles and necklines. Dress it up with some flowers and go big or go home.

By Shoot the Day Photography
Curled bun

Whether or not you have curly hair, styled wavy buns are very elegant and perfect for those classic brides who are aiming for a romantic look.

By VSfoto
Katie Byram Photography
Voluminous loop bun

This loop bun gives you a timeless style that flatters dresses with boat necks and wide necklines.

By Katie Byram Photography
Glamour by Martine
Side bun

Get a little quirky with this stylish side bun, ballerina style.

By Glamour by Martine
Glamour by Martine
Pinned ringlets

Twisted and pinned up ringlets give off a retro vibe that's timeless.

By Glamour by Martine
Gemini Styling
Wavy rolled up bun

We love this unique bun that's rolled up and finished off with a few delicate flowers.

By Gemini Styling
Simone Whitehead Bridal Hair
Loose bun with pompadour

Make a statement with a pompadour, usually achieved by backcombing the hair, but hair extensions can also be used. This is a very glamorous look.

By Simone Whitehead Bridal Hair
Tinsel Tiara
Side bun with pinned ringlets

These curled and pinned ringlets are extra special due to how they are pinned more to the side. Very chic.

By Tinsel Tiara
Mae Hair
Messy ballerina bun

You won't be let down by the classic ballerina bun, updated and slightly messed up to give it a more relaxed and modern feel.

By Mae Hair
Mae Hair
Big bun with smooth waves

High volume buns are very in, but this one has that x factor, with curls and textures.

By Mae Hair
Hair That Turns Heads
Retro bun with finger waves

If you are looking for a retro hairstyle, choose finger waves and a side parting. It's a very distinctive style so you have to make sure it goes well with your dress and personal style.

By Hair That Turns Heads
Hair Ups
Smooth high bun

For the ultimate princess look, you can't go wrong with a smoothed back high bun.

By Hair Ups

Get inspired by these beautiful bridal bun hairstyles 

Buns are one of the most popular bridal hairstyles that are constantly being reinvented. They are a bridal staple that we can't imagine will ever go out of style. When you meet with your hair stylist for the first time, he or she will certainly ask what style you have in mind. If you simply tell them you want a bun, they'll need a little more information to fully understand what you're after. It helps to bring along some photos of hairstyles you like. So feel free to show them any of these buns to recreate your dream bridal look.

Find a hair stylist that will create the perfect bun for you!