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As you plan your perfect wedding, you'll want to take extra precautions to ensure everything runs smoothly. That could mean hiring an experienced and highly recommended wedding planner or contracting a trustworthy bus company to drive your guests to the wedding on time. Hiring the right providers for your wedding makes it more likely you'll get the wedding of your dreams.
In addition to helping things run smoothly and beautifully, there are many factors that are out of your control on your wedding day, which can be avoided with the right wedding providers. A wedding marquee is the perfect way to protect your wedding against unpredictable weather, while also beautifying the venue a bit more.

If you dream of a wedding out among nature, whether on a beach or under the trees in a lush forest, hiring a marquee can be a life saver in the case of unexpected rain, snow, or even colder weather.

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Pick the right marquee

There are many types of marquees, from closed marquees that protect you from the weather and create a cosy ambience to open marquees that allow you to enjoy the nature surrounding you while under the shelter of a beautiful white sheet.

  • Frame tent: This is the most common type of marquee you'll see at weddings. The tent maintains its structure with its metal frame that is held up by metal columns. It can be set up on any surface. You can have your decorator cover the frame and columns with fabric, such as tulle for a softer look. The poles make it easy to hang fairy lights within the marquee as well.
  • Pole tent: As the name suggests this type of marquee is held up by poles, which are placed in the centre. There may be more than one pole, and each one creates a peak in the ceiling, which is very elegant. Keep in mind that pole tents must be staked into the ground, so you must ask your venue for permission and you won't be able to mount it on a concrete surface.
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  • Marquee tent: This is a mix between a frame tent, as it can be mounted on any surface, and the pole tent, due to its lovely peaked roof. This style is very common for weddings and serves as a great plan B if you are expecting rain on your wedding day.
  • Sailcloth marquee: This is type of pole tent, using sailcloth instead of vinyl and wooden poles instead of metal poles. It's becoming more and more popular as it creates a very dreamy ambience and glows at night. You'll need to have this set up on grass, however, as it cannot be supported without being staked firmly into the ground.
  • Yurt: If you want to surprise your guests with something totally unique, a yurt is the way to go. Traditionally, it was used as a portable tent for nomads in Central Asia, but now it's being used as a unique wedding backdrop. It consists of lattice walls and wood ribbed roof and crown, covered in fabric. They are quite small, so they are best for small, intimate weddings.
  • Teepee: Another increasingly popular choice for weddings, a teepee is a very unique option for your unique outdoors wedding. Nowadays they come in all shapes in sizes to suit your wedding needs. Again, it will need to be securely staked into the ground, but this style of marquee looks better among the nature anyway.
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Decorate your marquee

There are endless ways to decorate and jazz up a simple marquee. Lights make any wedding marquee more magical and there are unlimited options in terms of lighting. There are all kinds of fairy lights in all shapes, sizes and colours to match the style and theme of your wedding. At night, the marquee will dazzle from the warm light. You can decorate your tables with tall chandeliers with candles hanging from them or add crystal elements to your decoration. Crystal, glass, silver tones, will all reflect the light, making the marquee sparkle warmly. If you want to add a more festive, vintage vibe you can also hang delicate cloth bunting across the ceiling of the marquee.

There is no doubt that marquees are a big hit for weddings. If you've been dreaming of celebrating your wedding in the middle of nature then hiring a marquee is a wonderful choice. Create an unforgettable romantic ambience, while sheltering you and your guests from the weather. And if it rains, no one will care, because the beautiful sound of raindrops on the roof of the marquee will make everything even more magical.