There’s nothing worse than sitting through a ceremony drenched in sweat, so if you’re planning a summer wedding, you’re going to need to help your guests beat the heat. From giving out fans to choosing a more relaxed dress code, there are a few tried and true ways to ensure your friends and family members stay cool and comfortable right through to the end of your wedding reception.

Here’s how to help your guests beat the heat at your summer wedding.

Choose the right summer wedding venue

Choosing the right space is key for beating the heat. Outdoor wedding venues, like gardens and woodland spots, are super popular for summer celebrations because they allow the breeze to blow through and typically aren’t as stuffy as function rooms (but you’ll probably still need to rent fans, just to be safe). If you’d prefer to go with an indoor wedding venue, you’ll want to choose a space that has a built-in cooling system so that you get a bit of air circulation.

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Give out handheld fans

You probably don’t want the whirring of massive fans blocking out the sounds of your ceremony and reception, so give your guests handheld fans to help them cool off. You can even print your order of service onto them or use them as wedding favours to have them serve double duty.

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Provide shade

If you’re having your wedding outdoors, give your guests the gift of shade by putting up a marquee tent. This will save them from the sun’s harsh glare and ensure that no one walks away from your wedding with a sunburn. If you’re having your ceremony outside, you may want to also offer parasols so that your guests can give themselves a shade before you move inside or under the cover of the marquee.


Offer up chilled desserts

Of course, you’ll want to cut into a wedding cake when dessert rolls around, but you may also want to serve up some frosty treats. Popsicles, ice cream or snow cones will give your reception a playful flair and help everyone cool off. If you really want to go the extra mile, you can hire an ice cream truck or bike (this will look great in wedding photos, too).

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Don’t do a strict dress code

Now, your guests can’t exactly show up to your celebration in their swimsuits, so you’ll need to help them beat the heat in other ways. If you know that it’s going to be extremely hot on your wedding day, don’t ask them to don three-piece suits and floor-length gowns, give a flexible dress code that’s defined as either semi-formal or casual. That way they’ll feel comfortable showing up in outfits that are a bit more weather-appropriate.

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