Andy Bennett Photographer
Andy Bennett Photographer

Most couples consider choosing a wedding photographer as one of the most important things on their wedding to-do list and as one of few lasting memories of the day, it’s no wonder. Married couples often tell brides and grooms-to-be that the day goes by in a whirl and you often miss a lot of great moments between guests as you enjoy those first few hours of marriage. Wedding photography gives you those moments back and also allows you to relive the bits that you will treasure forever, so it’s super important that you get clued up on this important wedding service. To help you get started, we’ve answered all of your burning wedding photography questions.

Here are the most googled wedding photography questions answered.

Why is wedding photography expensive?

There are many factors to consider when weighing up the cost of wedding photography. The first, and perhaps most obvious, is the time spent with you on the day. Many photographers start early to capture the wedding venue before the guests arrive and of course to photograph you as you get ready. After a full day of darting back and forth capturing all of the action as well as your wedding portraits, the photographer will then stick around into the evening. It’s not uncommon for wedding photographers to work for 10 hours and capture anywhere between 800 and 1200 shots!

Their work is not done when they get home though; the photographer must spend the next few days or even weeks looking through the photos and then editing them. Add a pre-wedding consultation and the time spent on admin and the photographer’s rate starts to look pretty reasonable.

How much is a wedding photographer?

This isn’t a question we can answer fully as it depends entirely on who your photographer is, where you’re based in the country, whether you will need to cover travel expenses and how long you’re booking them for.

We would say most photographers fall between £1500 and £2000 with some photographers offering a service involving a second shooter for £2500. To keep costs lower you could also ask if they offer a half or partial day package.

Sam and Yaz
Sam and Yaz

What is included in wedding photography packages?

Wedding photography packages mostly include a day of shooting, the edited images in a digital format and a pre-wedding consultation either in person or over the phone.

Many photographers also offer packages to include prints, albums and engagement shoots.

What is traditional wedding photography?

Traditional wedding photography centres around formal portraits of both the bride and groom and their families and the bridal party. Large groups shots are also often included.

This wedding photography style contrasts with the laidback, documentary style photography popular at the moment. Many photographers will offer a mixture of candid shots of the action and formal portraits.

How to pick a wedding photographer?

Start by looking through the wedding photos of friends and family and ask around for recommendations. Next, take a look through real wedding galleries and social media to see if you can find any you like.

You can also find the perfect photographer on our wedding photographer page – don’t forget to read our tips for hiring a wedding photographer too!


How to keep wedding guests entertained during wedding photos?

The best time to have your wedding portraits taken is after the ceremony during the drinks reception. Guests can be kept amused for surprisingly long periods with a few drinks and some people to talk to!

If you’d like to give them something extra, consider adding some live music or games. If your venue has large grounds, you can also encourage guests to explore!

How much to rent a photobooth for a wedding?

Many companies offer different kinds of wedding photo booths, from magic mirror designs to traditional passport style booths. The company will install it at your venue and usually have a member of staff manning it to ensure guests know how to use it. You may also be given digital copies of the photos printed during the evening for guests. Depending on the hire time and package, a photobooth could cost anywhere between £200 and £600.

The Pixie Booth
The Pixie Booth

How to display wedding photos in your home?

We love the idea of displaying your wedding photographs in your home! We would advise buying a range of photo frames for both the walls and shelves and then print off your favourite pictures to go inside them. You can never have too many!

We think multi-frames with space for lots of pictures make lovely display pieces for the home and canvas prints – often available through your photographer – beautifully show off wedding portraits.

How to choose photos for your wedding album?

Pick your favourites! Don’t choose certain photos because you think you should just choose the ones you love the most.

Try to get an even mix of getting ready shots, ceremony, portraits and reception shots and pop them into your wedding photo album in order so that you can flip through it and relive your day. Other than that, you can choose any photos you like!

Fringe Photography
Fringe Photography

How to look good in your wedding photos?

Your wedding makeup artist and hairdresser will be experienced at creating photogenic looks and you’ll have spent months ensuring your bridal ensemble is perfect – so you’re already off to a great start!

We think it’s best to relax and just enjoy the day, that way your photographer will capture you looking your happiest. For portraits, practise a few poses in the mirror to prep for your wedding photos or even use your engagement shoot to try out some looks and find out what works best for you.

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