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Time flies during your first year as a married couple. It seems like yesterday when you were enjoying your honeymoon, and suddenly, you are about to celebrate 365 days of husband and wife. It is the right time to remind your spouse how important she/he is for you. If you don’t have yet the right surprise, here are some suggestions:

Write a letter

You can write a letter explaining how you felt by his/her side during this first year of marriage, it will be a memory that your spouse will be able to read in a future, so you both will be able to remember how happy you were on that first anniversary. Is not only inexpensive, but is also a way to keep those intense emotions forever.

Piece of cake

Did you freeze a piece of cake on your wedding day? This is one tradition that is being around for ages, if you did freeze a piece of cake on your wedding day, now on your 1st anniversary, it is time celebrate it and, eat it! Make sure you start defrosting the cake in the refrigerator the day before your anniversary.

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Romantic dinner

How are your skills in the kitchen? You can always surprise your couple with a romantic dinner at home. Is there any better way to celebrate your love that with some candles, flowers, and the best background music?

Weekend getaway

With the stress of the modern life and routine, perhaps after a year of marriage, the best idea is to have a break away from home. Choose a special place, like the place where you met, or where you went to spent your first holiday together, but this time as husband and wife!

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Visit a Spa

If what you need is to recharge batteries, there is no better way to relax. After a day in the spa, you would have forgotten about all the stress from work or the daily routine. Choose one romantic pack for the two of you together, what about spa and champagne?

Relax at home

If you are on a tight budget at the moment, or thinking about starting a family, you may want to avoid short breaks and spa. However, you can prepare a relaxing session at home: a bubble bath for two enjoying your favourite cocktail, sharing memories and emotions with a massage by candlelight.

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Photo album

With patience and love, you can design a memory of your first year of marriage. You will need a lot of pictures together, an album, and some DIY skills. Isn’t this a lovely idea?

Post wedding session

Do you still have your wedding dress? What about a second session of pictures? Nothing better to remember that wonderful day than to pose in front of the photographer again. It can be a funny memory. The good thing, is that this time you both will be less nervous.


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If you were not convinced by any of the previous ideas, you can always choose to buy a detail. We recommend you to buy a present that your spouse will be able to keep forever.
We wish you many more years together filled with love and great memories!