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By now you should have found the perfect venue and wedding caterer, so now you can focus on adding the finishing touches. You should have a florist or decorator already, if not then hopefully you're almost there. Before meeting with the person in charge of making your wedding beautiful you should have a pretty clear idea of what you want. The table centres are no exception. They are the focal point for your guests throughout your wedding banquet, so we're going to help inspire you with our ideas to make them one of a kind.

The shape and size of your tables will determine which table centres will look best. There are endless arrangements to choose from regardless of the shape of your tables, but there are styles that are particularly flattering for each shape. For example, if you have long, rectangular tables then long, low table centres are beautiful. Think long cloth runners decorated with short candles or long, narrow flower arrangements. Of course tall table arrangements are fine as well, just make sure they don't block your guests' line of vision.

If you have round tables then tall, thin arrangements are very elegant. Again, you'll want to make sure that the flowers or candles you decorate with are above or below your guests' heads so that they can see each other across the table.

1. Individual cakes for each table

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This is a sure way to wow your guests. Keep in mind that this does incur an extra cost in comparison to traditional table centres. However, the finished look is stunning and very original. Ask your catering about organising for a waiter to cut and serve the cakes at each table. This is a great idea if you want to surprise your guests and make them feel extra special with their own cakes. While you're at it, you could even have a personalised cake made for each table.

If you want something more cost effective, you can have the waiters bring out cupcakes for each table and decorate the stands with the flowers of your wedding. There are many ways you can play with this idea.

2. Assortment of candles


An assortment of different candles in a variety of sizes and heights is a simple way to create a very romantic mood in your wedding banquet. The indirect light is flattering for your guests and there are a multitude of bases, vases, candelabras and lanterns to choose to showcase your candles. If you're doing this yourself, make sure you create a test arrangement ahead of time to make sure you achieve your desired look.

3. Mason jars of flowers

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Wrapped in twine, lace, ribbon, pearls, whatever matches the style of your wedding. This is a very cost effective and easily customisable choice for couples who want something sweet and simple for their table centres. You can include candles in some of the candles and add flowers, fresh or dried to the rest of the jars. Make sure to include the same flowers through out your wedding, from the ceremony flowers, to the bridal bouquet and the table centres. This is a sure way to create a harmonious wedding decoration.

4. Tree centre

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If you want something elegant with a touch of nature, an organic tree is a wonderful table centre. You can decorate them according to your wedding style, with hanging lanterns, pearls, ribbon, or make it even more organic by wrapping it loosely with foliage or ivy. There are many styles of trees, just make sure the "trunk" is very thin so it doesn't block anyone's view. It should also be tall enough to hang your decor without hanging too low.

5. Tall candelabra

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Candelabras come in all shapes, sizes, colours and styles these days. They are a classic option that can be easily personalised and even modernised. You can also decorate them with the flowers of your wedding or keep them natural with some green foliage. You just need to make sure they are tall enough so that they don't block your guests' view across the table. The candles should be well above their heads to offer soft indirect light.

6. Themed centres

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Let your table centres reflect your wedding theme. If you love tea and books, this is the perfect arrangement. Of course, there is no limit to what you can do. Get inspired and create your own idea for your table centres. Talk to your florist, work together, discuss the key elements you want to include in your table centres and create something truly unique.

7. Clean and simple

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Sometimes less is more, especially if your venue is already gorgeous without decoration or if you want a modern, clean look for your wedding. A glass vase of short-stemmed blooms never goes out of style. You can keep it clean with a classic white tablecloth, or jazz it up with a coloured of patterned tablecloth. If you do choose a classic flower arrangement for your table centres, remember to make sure they are low enough to not block your guests' view across the table. This is something we've repeated in this article, but it's one of the key rules to remember when picking your table centres. Anything can work, as long as it's functional and matches the rest of your wedding style.

Now it's time to start brainstorming or perhaps you already know what you're going to choose for your table centres. Share your wedding ideas and table centre inspiration with us.