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You probably tried on countless gorgeous wedding dresses before finding "the one". And now that you've found the perfect bridal dress, you'll schedule several dress fittings before the big day. These appointments will be crucial to make sure that your dress fits right, that you feel comfortable, and that you look picture perfect. Make sure to take note of these 5 tips for your bridal dress fitting:

1. Time of day

If you are having a daytime wedding, try to make your dress fitting appointment for the morning. Likewise, if you are having an evening wedding, ask for their last appointment of the day. Why? This way when you try on your dress you can visualise more realistically how it will look during your wedding. There are so many shades of white, and they look different depending on the kind of light.

2. Bridal shoes

While we recommend that you find your bridal shoes after you find your bridal dress, if you already have your shoes, you'll need to make sure they match your dress. Don't forget to take them to the fitting. Whether you find the shoes before or after you find the dress, always take your shoes to the fitting. This way you your tailor can cut the hem of the dress based on the height of your shoes.


3. Undergarments

You may not consider this, but what you wear under your dress really matters. First of all, the bra and underwear you wear should be a cream or nude colour. The material of some wedding dresses is a bit thin, so if you wear, say, black undergarments, it will probably be visible. And speaking of visibility, the bra strap and underwear line shouldn't be visible when wearing the dress. This is why it's important to try on the dress with the exact bridal undergarments you'll wear on the wedding day. You could even take a few options to see which works best. And lastly, some dresses are also not the most comfortable, so make sure that your undergarments are as comfortable as possible.

4. Tights might be right

Depending on your style and your dress, wearing tights is a good idea. We especially recommend the kind that has a slimming effect and promotes circulation. Not only will you look great, you'll feel great. And if your dress is short, it's important to wear tights. If you decide to wear tights, make sure that you take them to the fitting and they should be barely visible.

5. Your hair and makeup

If you can, schedule your hair and makeup trial appointments right before the dress fitting. However, make sure there is enough time for everything so you don't run late for the fitting. By trying on your wedding dress with your bridal hair and makeup you'll be able to better visualise exactly how you'll look on your big day. This will give you time to make changes, such as going for a different hairdo or going lighter on the makeup.

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6. Accessories and jewellery

The accessories and jewellery you chose to wear on your wedding should also match your bridal gown. So make sure you take them to your fittings. Just like with your hair and makeup, you'll be able to see if they look right with the dress. Perhaps the tiara is too much or the earrings are too small or you decide a necklace would look nice. So don't forget to take your bridal accessories and jewellery.
We suggest that you keep a bag with everything you'll take to the fitting. And this will be the same bag you'll keep with you on the day of your wedding when you get ready, so that you don't forget anything.

• Bridal shoes
• Bridal undergarments - underwear, bra, tights, garter
• Bridal accessories - hair accessories, earrings, necklace, bracelet, engagement ring
• Makeup for touch up, such as lipstick

Now you're ready to go to your dress fittings prepared! Remember to ask your seamstress any questions or concerns and don't worry about pointing out things you don't like or what to change. Most of all, enjoy the moment and have fun.