Your wedding guests will have several things to remember your wedding by. First, they'll receive your carefully selected and designed wedding invitations. And after the wedding they'll have the photos to look back on and remember all the fun they had. But to show them your appreciation that they came to your wedding or for the wedding gifts you received, you might want to give them something special that they'll cherish and keep in their home to remember your special day. If you're stuck trying to find unique wedding favour ideas, look no further!

Customised packaging

Let's start with something pretty simple. Personalising the wedding favour boxes or tags is one of the easiest ways to create personalised favours. You can choose your own wedding colours, material font type, font colour, font style, size, you name it. There are a multitude of favour providers who specialise in the packaging aspect of favours, from boxes to bottles. So you just need to fill them with anything that will fit.

If you choose wedding favour bags, you can also personalise them with a special tag that has a nice message on it or your names and wedding date. There are so many options to choose from in terms of bag styles, such as lace bags, jute bags, canvas bags, or even a tote bag with your own wedding logo and a survival kit inside.

Share your favourites

Once you've chosen a personalised packaging style or have an idea of what you want, it's time to choose the filler. One of the best ways to make it personalised is by choosing something you love. We personally love miniature bottles for wedding favours that everyone can enjoy. You can choose a different drink depending on the gender and age of your guests, so that everyone has a drink personalised to them.

You could also share a box of your absolute favourite artisanal chocolates, specialty coffee, macaroons, or even a playlist on a usb of your favourite songs. There is no limit to the possibilities, so just start thinking about what favourite things you would like to share with your guests. We'll admit that we're never let down by chocolate wedding favours.

Something to eat later

Speaking of chocolate, food is always a winning wedding favour idea. Get creative and make it something fun, like a box of fancy seasoned or sweet popcorn. You can also create personalised jars with the dry ingredients for your famous banana bread and a tag with the ingredients and instructions. We've seen all sorts of unique wedding favours in the form of food and it's always a pleasant surprise for the guests.

There are so many options, from artisanal hot sauces in personalised bottles with a clever, customised sticker, to locally made jams and sweets for guests to savour during your wedding. Or how about a pancake mix for the morning after your wedding? We bet guests will appreciate this!

Something they'll use

Often times, wedding favours end up in a storage box or in the dark corner of some drawer you keep everything in when you don't have the heart to throw it out. Don't let this happen to your favours. We recommend that your wedding favours should either be edible or they should be good keepsakes. One great idea is personalised wine tags. If you are looking for DIY wedding favours, you can find easy tutorials to create your own for each guests. 

Take time to consider if the favour is appropriate or useful to each guest. This can take some thought and time, but will be worth it in the end. And if you're still not sure, one word: food.

As you can see, there are so many options for wedding favours and so many ways to personalise them for your wedding and your guests. Try to have fun coming up with unusual wedding favours that will surprise your guests. We're sure your guests will love them.