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There are so many details to plan for your wedding and the bridal hair is one of those details at the top of the list. Once you've picked your bridal dress, it's time to think of the hair, make up, accessories and jewellery that will complete your glorious bridal look. Believe it or not, quite a few factors will determine what the best hair style for you will be, depending on everything from the weather to your hair type. So take note of these 5 tips to pick the perfect bridal hairstyle.

1. Pick a hairstyle that suits your wedding

What we mean is, the type of hairstyle you choose should be appropriate for the time of day you're getting married and the weather you expect to have. For example, it's a good idea to pick a gathered up do for daytime summer weddings. If it's hot and your hair is down, you might end up with your hair sticking to your neck and back, not very flattering or comfortable.

You could ask your stylist if they can style it in such a way that you could pull your hair up with an accessory if need be. Make sure you test-drive the concept and that they show you how to put your hair up so that you can do so with ease during your wedding. For winter or evening weddings you have more flexibility to try an up do or leave your hair down, half-up or let your hair down for the party. If you decide to let your hair down, ask your stylist which pins you should pull at in order to elegantly let your hair down without messing it up.

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2. Your face shape matters

If you enjoy reading beauty blogs and watching beauty videos on youtube, you've surely heard that there are certain haircuts that work better or worse for you depending on your face shape. The same is true with bridal hairstyles as you can imagine. It's important to pick a flattering style that will compliment your face, whether you have a round, oval, square or heart shaped face. For example, those with styles that elongate are ideal for round or oval faces.

Strong face shapes are softened with styles that sweeten and relax your expression, such as with flowing, soft curls and loose strands. Ask your hair stylist, because he/she should be able to give you their expert advice to help you find the best hairstyle that will suit you best.

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3. Match your hair to your wedding dress

At first you may think that any gorgeous style will match with your beautiful wedding dress, but think again. There are styles that will enhance your figure and your dress and styles that won't benefit you at all, depending on what you pick. You want to achieve balance. For example, if the dress is very detailed and glamorous, your hair (and accessories) should be more toned down to balance it out.

If you have a very simple dress, then you can go for a more detailed, big hairstyle with some accessories in your hair, such as fresh flowers, a tiara or headpiece. We personally love a touch of fresh blooms, we've seen it a lot lately and we haven't fallen out of love with this trend yet.

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4. Durability

When you go for your trial hair appointment, wear the do for the rest of the day and analyse how well it stands the test of time. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to worry about your hairstyle falling apart. You'll want to dance like no one's watching with your new husband and all your friends. Maybe you want to end the night with your hair still perfectly intact. This is why testing the durability of your hairstyle is important.

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5. It has to be you

Years from now when you look at your wedding photos you want to still be proud of your style decisions, right? You don't want to think, oh dear, I shouldn't have cut my bangs right before the wedding, or coloured my hair for the first time or tried that then-trendy hairstyle that I wouldn't be caught dead in. Make sure that the hairstyle you choose represents you and that you still feel like you. This is also why it's good to have someone close to you go to the trial appointment with you, take pictures and give you their feedback.

That said, if there is a style that you've had your heart set on, give it a try, and if it doesn't work out, make sure you have time to change your mind and try something different that fits your wedding, your style, your dress and you.

What bridal hairstyle are you planning to show off on your wedding day?