From the wedding decorations to the cake table, we're going to give you our best tips and ideas for your amazing wedding banquet. There are a million and one ways to decorate those tables and so many table formats, from round to long. So let's get into 45 of our best wedding ideas for your wedding tables that will impresse your guests and make yours an unforgettable wedding. Take note of these wedding table decoration ideas.

Modern city vibe

First of all, think about the table shape. Long tables are not only great for rustic barn style weddings. They can be incredibly modern and elegant for a city style wedding. Choose crisp linen tablecloths. A trending colour is shark grey. You can choose nude coloured centrepiece elements, such as grey candlesticks and glass vases filled with white flowers.

If you want a more funky city vibe or something a bit playful, go for a lego inspired wedding. Give the guests lego cacti, a fun alternative to the succulent wedding favour trend, and choose a lego wedding cake. If you want something more serene choose a venue with lots of beautiful art decorating the walls of the banquet hall. You won't need to do much except add some low wedding table flowers along the tables.

Are you looking for a diamond wedding cake? Chances are you'll want the rest of your banquet to have the glamorous vibe too. Choose tall, elegant centrepieces, such as candelabras or a tall structure with crystals and fresh flowers exploding from the top. Add mirrored plates under each centrepiece to reflect the light of the thin candlesticks.

Rustic vintage feel

Again, long tables are a great choice and take it to the next level with natural wood chairs. You can keep it simple and also keep costs down by decorating the centres of the long tables with natural foliage. Add some eucalyptus for some beautiful aroma or some tiny potted succulents, which can double as unique wedding favours.

Burlap is a lovely rustic alternative to traditional table runners. You can criss cross them if you choose round tables. As for the centrepieces you can choose vintage tins instead of traditional flower vases. This will add lots of character as well as colour to your wedding tables. This is becoming a popular vintage wedding idea many couples are trying to replicate for their big day.

Choose a vintage alternative to the classic vase for your floral arrangements. Choose vintage teapots in different styles and sizes and go for a teatime theme. Or choose old vintage cans and tins to hold your floral arrangements. This is perfect if you're looking for unique vintage wedding ideas.

Nature lover ambience

You'll need pinecones and lots of them. You can add tags to all the pinecones in lieu of traditional seating cards and create a seating plan with that theme. Decorate with lots of wild flowers and natural foliage. Sprays of gypsophila wedding flowers here and some femininity to this nature lover theme.

Wood is your friend. Lots and lots of cut tree trunks in lieu of traditional charger that goes under the plates and as a beautifully rustic wedding cake stand. And of course you can use different sized trunks as a base for all your table decorations. Decorate them with small candles and jars of wild flowers or brightly coloured blooms.

Check out the gallery for many more wedding decoration ideas for your wedding tables. You'll find inspiration for not only the table arrangements, but also for your wedding flowers and the rest of your wedding decorations. What style of wedding are you going to have?