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Once you've mailed the wedding invitations, it's time to check the more difficult wedding tasks off your to-do list. If you've already written your own wedding vows for her or for him, you understand how tricky it can be to find the write words. But writing a speech is very different from writing wedding vows. The speech will be directed to all your guests, as well as your new spouse and in-laws. Everyone anticipates the groom's speech, so it's a good idea to be well prepared. That's why we're going to share our best expert tips with you to write the best groom speech ever.

Know who you're talking to

First, keep in mind who you'll be talking to. Knowing your audience is the first thing to keep in mind when writing any speech. You'll have family members, friends, coworkers, and maybe some acquaintances or people you barely know. This is important to know so that you can avoid inside jokes no one will get or stories no one can relate to. If you're shy, remember that you'll be speaking to some of the most important people in your life, especially if you have a small wedding. In any case, this is your moment, so go for it.

Set a tone

There are different speeches involved in a wedding. If you're following a traditional wedding speech order keep in mind that you'll probably be speaking after the much anticipated father of the bride speech. He will probably focus on his daughter and how happy he is. It tends to be an emotional speech that brings some to tears, as it's a big moment. The best man speech, on the other hand, lifts the mood, makes people laugh and starts the party. The tone of your speech will be somewhere in between the two and is coincidentially scheduled between them. 

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Gather your thoughts

Brainstorm all the things you want to say. At first you might have a hard time figuring out what you want to say. Just look at some examples of good groom speeches and this should serve as inspiration. Once you start writing, we bet you'll find many things to say. It's important to get them all on paper so you can narrow it down and select the most important things you want to express for your groom speech. After all, you should keep your speech to under five minutes long.

Create a structure

Just like we've talked about the best man speech structure, it's important to create a groom speech structure as well. So start by thanking the father of the bride for his speech, thanking the parents if they paid for the wedding (or thank them for being great parents) and thank your guests for coming to your special day. Next, talk about your new wife and express your love and admiration for her. Then thank the best man for his support. You can also compliment the bridesmaids. Finally, finish with your toast. If you'd like to share a short story about your family, your wife or anyone else, you can do so during each part. 

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Now you should be ready for the wedding speeches. Make sure to carry neatly written notes in your pocket in case you lose your place when giving your speech. Of course, you don't need to memorise it, but make sure to practice it a lot. And then you're ready and can get on with the rest of your wedding planning. Check out our other articles for tons of lovely wedding ideas to inspire you.