When you start trying on wedding dresses, you might find that some are more comfortable than others, and given the extra length and weight, you'll also notice that walking around isn't quite as easy. You may imagine looking tall and elegant in your bridal gown with a fancy wedding hair updo and a killer pair of heels. But if you and stilettos are not the best of friends, you may want to consider ditching the sky-high heels and going for flats, instead. Check out our gallery of lovely flat wedding shoes and our tips for choosing the perfect pair.

Take an extra pair of flats

Yes, those  Jimmy Choo wedding shoes will help highlight your best features and even improve your posture, but give your feet a break. If you're not accustomed to wearing heels, chances are your toes will be crying by the end of your wedding. You'll probably want to keep dancing 'til dawn, so bringing a pair of flat wedding shoes is a must. You will be glad you have the option to change your shoes and your toes will thank you.

Go for platforms or chunky heels

For the ceremony you might really, really want to wear a classic pair of white wedding shoes with heels. The good thing is there are plenty of wonderful designer wedding shoes and commercial brands selling super comfortable heels. Look for platforms or chunky heels for maximum comfort. See if the shoe is bendable as well, as the more flexible the shoe the more comfortable it will be. So, as much as you may love the look of white stilletos, remember that they aren't necessarily going to be comfortable.

Pack an emergency kit

We always recommend brides keep an emergency kit with all the necessities. Aside from extra pins to keep your half up half down wedding hairstyle in place, one of the most important things to pack in your emergency kit are bandaids. You'll probably need them in different sizes and types. If you're going to wear strappy wedding shoes, those straps might cut into your toes as your feet slowly swell over the course of the day. That means you might need several tiny bandaids for your toes that offer padding against the increasingly sharp straps.

Add some extra padding

Even the most amazing Louboutin wedding shoes won't be more comfortable than a flat pair of shoes, but there's a simple hack to keep them on your feet a little longer. It's no big secret that padded insoles at the front of your shoes will help. You can get insoles designed to be worn with high heels with a gell filling that stick to your shoes for extra stability. You can find these in your pharmacy or even in the supermarket, so don't hesitate to make this small investment.

As a final tip, before you take your wedding dress for alterations, in particular to have it hemmed, try on your dress with a pair of flats, too. While you'll need to have your hem measured with your heels first, it's good to make sure you won't be tripping on your dress when you switch to flats. And remember to try on your bridal look after your wedding hairstyle trial. This way you get a full picture of your bridal ensemble. And as for the groom, he should also make sure to buy comfortable men's wedding shoes. They can be rather uncomfortable as well, so pack some extra bandaids for him too.