Pure purple is in fact a rare colour to find in nature, so if you want a unique and statement-making colour for your wedding then purple is your colour. Whether you go for purple shoes or purple bridsemaid dresses, make sure the tone you pick is carried throughout all the details of your wedding. They say wedding invitations are a sneak peak into the couple's wedding and this is very true. So make sure to pick that same tone of purple for the rest of your wedding details, from the wedding favour bags to the bridesmaid dresses.

Rich jewel tones

Just like grey, there are many shades of purple. Deep, rich hues of purple, such as eggplant or blue purple are very regal and elegant for weddings. They are absolutely lovely paired with other jewel tones, such as violet, sapphire and granate. You can give your bridesmaids wedding bouquets filled with these rich hues to match their dresses, just make sure not to be too matchy or it could look less tasteful.

Light and soft

If you prefer something more muted or with a more rustic vibe, go for lighter, dusty shades of purple such as lavender or grey purple. These colours are lovely mixed with some light forest green and dusty pale pink. The bonus of picking these lighter tones is there are plenty of flowers to choose from for your purple wedding hair flowers or flower arrangements.

Girly with some pink

If you're stuck between choosing purple or pink bridesmaid dresses, why not go for both. Violet is a great in between choice, but you can also use both colours in any of their tones. If you want something elegant and subtle we love eggplant with pale dusty pink, or for something fun and upbeat, go for lilac purple with poppy pink. As you can see there are so many colour combinations you can make with purple. The idea is not to paint the town purple, but rather to paint it in different shades, with purple being the base colour. 

How to dress in purple

While purple is a colour that can be worn by anyone with any complexion, it's important not to over do it. A long purple dress can be a lot to take in, especially if you are picking a rich purple tone. So don't accessorise with more purple. Remember that if you choose purple wedding flowers there will be quite enough purple to go around. Instead choose nude or neutral colours to balance the final look.

And for the jewellery, think about the tone of purple to decide between silver or gold. Blue tones tend to work better with silver and red tones are best with gold. That isn't to say the opposite can't work, but you should test it out. So when you go with your bridesmaids to try on dresses, have them bring the jewellery they want to wear so you girls can see if it matches or not.

Now it's time to play around with purple colour swatches to find the perfect dresses for your bridesmaids. And remember that you can also find wedding party dresses that work for your bridesmaids; they don't need to be specifically for bridesmaids. In fact, nowadays more and more brides are choosing unconventional dresses for their bridesmaids. Feel free to personalise your wedding, it's your day after all. And finally, remember that the purple you choose will probably be featured in the rest of your wedding, from the wedding flowers to stationery you'll choose for your invitations, menus and seating cards. So give it some thought and then you're ready to create the wedding of your dreams.