Beautiful little details come together to create the popular "rustic" wedding style so many couples seek to achieve, from wedding table decorations featuring wood and other natural elements, to vintage books and typewriters, to hand-painted wedding invitations. Here are the latest trends and rustic wedding ideas to help you on your way to your own unique celebration.

Hanging wreath for ambience

Create an instant rustic chic ambience for your wedding ceremony or banquet by having your florist hang a giant wreath of foliage and flowers from the ceiling. It will create a timeless, romantic and special environment. This is especially useful if your wedding venue is lacking rustic charm of its own.

A hanging wreath is a lovely alternative to the flower wall wedding trend, which tends to come with a pretty price tag. Use more foliage for the rustic feel and to save some money.

Go classic with candlesticks

Ask your wedding venue hire or decorator if they have classic candlesticks. Have your florist wrap them loosely in some fresh vines, and choose neutral-toned candles, such as grey, taupe or forest green. This is perfect for evening weddings.

Speaking of candles, how about personalised candles wedding favours to go with your rustic, romantic theme?

Make the wedding cake rustic, too

For rustic or vintage-themed weddings, we love naked wedding cakes. The traditional naked wedding cake is vanilla with layers of marmalade and decorated with a sifting of powdered sugar, but of course, any kind of cake can be naked.

There are many ways you can make your cake your own so that it stands out from the rest. For example, it can be barely naked and a little more rustic with a thin coat of icing. For a wedding cake stand, slices of tree trunks in different sizes are as rustic as it gets. Choose a wooden wedding cake topper for the perfect finishing touch.

Baskets, crates, and tree trunks

Instead of contemporary vases filled with fresh wedding flowers, decorate your venue with baskets, crates and hollowed-out tree trunks filled to the brim with dried flowers, potted plants, or gypsophila wedding flowers. You'll find that there is a vast array of options for rustic containers like these.

Filling the baskets and crates with aromatics, such as lavender and eucalyptus, is another great idea; they look lovely and will fill the room with a beautiful scent.

Use lots of neutral tones

For your table and chair coverings, choose natural materials such as linen and go for neutral colours. You can choose simple wooden folding chairs and decorate them with jute instead of using the typical nylon chair covers. If you'd like a more feminine touch that's less industrial looking, decorate each chair with a small bunch of vintage wedding flowers or foliage.

We hope these unique wedding ideas give you new inspiration for your rustic wedding. Have fun choosing wedding flowers and decor to bring your vision to life!