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Experiencing your wedding with your guests is what will make your wedding the greatest day of your life. We're sure that your wedding guests will sense your appreciation of their assistance to your wedding, but it's important to tell each and every one thank you. The best way is by sending a thank you card, yes through snail mail. Trust us, they will appreciate it more than you can imagine, since fewer couples tend to send thank you cards and we think this is sad.

If you want to also tell guests thank you at your wedding, you can include a note in their seats at the banquet, with a sincere, personally written message. A written text of your own will be so much more authentic and special. However, we often find ourselves at a loss for words when it comes to writing a personal message for someone, especially if it's not someone you are very close to. This is why it helps to choose an existing text from another author, or getting inspired by poems and writings to create your own. We've put together these 20 original messages for your thank you cards.

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  • 1. This day has been very special for many reasons, especially for your presence. Thanks for coming.
  • 2. There are special moments in life that are only possible when they are shared with the people you love most. Thanks for making today unforgettable.
  • 3. Words cannot express the gratitude we want to give you for sharing this day with us.
  • 4. Gratitude is the heart's memory. Thanks for joining us.
  • 5. Without you this day would not be the same. Thank you for accompanying us in our new and special adventure.
  • 6. The greatest gift on our special day is having you with us.
  • 7. Thank you for sharing with us this special day and making it unique.
  • 8. Today marks a happy new beginning! We thank you for being with us in celebrating our love and the beginning of our life together. As the years pass, we will remember you being here on our big day.
  • 9. It has been a very special day for many reasons, one of them being that you were present.
  • 10. We are so lucky to have someone like you on our side to share this day.
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  • 11. Today will be written in our memory forever. Thank you for being part of this day and our lives.
  • 12. It is the single most special day of our lives and sharing it with you makes it unforgettable.
  • 13. Today we are happy for so many reasons; one of them is knowing that we have people like you in our lives. Thanks for being here.
  • 14. Our marriage has been enriched having you by our side. Thanks for your presence.
  • 15. Having you at our wedding helped us make our dreams come true, thank you for attending our wedding.
  • 16. It is very difficult to explain in words the joy that we feel to share this special day with you.
  • 17. Thank you for joining us on the most special day of our life, our wedding!
  • 18. We are over the moon to be sharing this day with you. Many thanks.
  • 19. To our family and friends: it means a lot to us that you are here today with us. Thank you very much for your support, affection and joy. Thank you for being part of our lives and for looking so great!
  • 20. There is nothing better than enjoying such a special moment with our family and friends. Thanks for being here.