Wedding cakes are one of many sweet spots in any wedding. There are so many varieties and styles to choose from, whether you want a simple wedding cake or a unique wedding cake. And no wedding cake would be complete without some sort of wedding cake decorations and topper. But if you're looking for something a bit more clever or funny, you'll love these toppers we've handpicked just for you.

Caricature toppers

One of the most popular wedding cake toppers right now are caricature toppers. They put a smile on everyone's face, because they are essentially miniature versions of the bride and groom, but with a funny twist. You could also choose lego wedding cake toppers for a fun, playful vibe. Make a theme of it and go for a lego wedding cake. There are so many ways to have fun with wedding cake toppers and we've only just begun.

Hobby toppers

It's easy to personalise your wedding and your wedding cake is a great place to start. Perhaps you'd like a traditional vanilla wedding cake or maybe you're looking for wedding cake ideas and haven't seen anything you like. Whatever the case, cake toppers that represent your hobbies are a great and fun idea. You can even have the topper represent your profession, which may also be your hobby. For example, choose a bride dressed as a painter and the groom dressed as a cook. 

Super hero toppers

When you were little was there a super hero you looked up to? Chances are the groom has many. Super hero wedding cake toppers give weddings a fun air of childhood nostalgia. We also love it when couples choose to add a veil and top hat to the super hero toppers, for an added flair of humour. You can even use the toppers as inspiration for any other humorous or fun details of your wedding, such as choosing super hero wedding shoes instead of traditional white wedding shoes, or a super hero bow tie instead of the traditional options. And if you want to take it all the way, go for an extra marvel wedding cake.

Animal toppers

Are you animal lovers? Do want to include your spirit animal in your wedding? Little animal wedding cake toppers are the perfect option. There are so many styles, from ceramic keepsake toppers to edible marzipan animal toppers. You can choose different animals for the groom and bride or even put a veil on the bride's animal and a top hat on the groom's animal for a light-hearted style. 

As you can see, the options are endless. There are professionals who can create a completely customised cake topper that represents your mutual humour and love. You can also use the toppers as inspiration for the rest of your wedding. Choose wedding favours to match the theme of your wedding cake topper. For example, if your cake topper is a bride and groom dressed as football players, choose some football-shaped sweets. You can also include small elements that represent your cake topper theme in your wedding bouquet, such as a little animal charm if your toppers are animals. Whatever you choose, make sure it represents your style and love. You can't go wrong.