Autumn is here, with its dramatic changes in the landscapes. It’s time to welcome the oranges, earth tones, the greys and the reds. The colour of dried leaves, the forest and nature, wine, wood, and an infinite number of earth tones are the top ideas for this autumn. Let this beautiful season inspire your wedding.

1. Dry leaves

The dried leaves are the main of all autumnal symbols. They can create different atmospheres and be used to achieve romantic spaces. You can use them in your bouquet, by example with a bouquet made of leaves combining different colours. If you are going to have a vintage wedding, use them in red, yellows, oranges and browns.

2. Orange

Without a doubt, orange is the colour of the season.This colour is present in the trees and the leaves, covering roads and parks. If you want to have a countryside wedding, or a wedding inspired by nature, this is your colour for the next months. Orange combines beautifully with white and pastel tones, so we recommend you to think about it when deciding the bridesmaids dress. To add this colour into your bridal look, choose an orange bouquet. You will be the queen of the day, let the orange be the king!

3. Yellow sunflowers

Yellow is another colour of the season, and results very easy to combine with the orange and earth tones. You can use small or large sunflowers to create wonderful decorations. You can combine them with some foliage and arrange them in a vase to create a rustic atmosphere.

4. Dressed in red

Red is a perfect colour to add to your wedding. Red is a vibrant colour that will highlight any environment. In your autumnal decoration, you can include red apples, or red roses that will have a unique presence. Arrange them in strategic places, like close to the cake or as centerpieces. You can also use this colour on your outfit, by wearing red heels, or an intense red lipstick.

5. Paint it gold

Gold is an elegant and sophisticated colour, used a lot in the weddings this season. It enhances any element that symbolizes wealth and happiness. If you want to use any antique objects such as chandeliers, it will be beautiful combined with golden flowers or fruits. You can use a spray of golden colour in dried leaves or flowers to achieve a golden and metallic fascinating result.

6. Create contrast with blue

Blue is not really an autumnal color, but it matches beautifully with greens and earth tones. Teal, navy and turquoise are the most suitable blue tones for your wedding in autumn. Consider this colour to give a contrast with the orange, specially for any table decorations or invitations.

7. Recycled bottles

To give an eco-friendly style to your wedding, you can use recycled bottles in the decoration. Glass bottles will stand out better due to the reflections of light. Spirits, wines or beer bottles of different sizes can be used as a flower vase or candleholders. This is your chance to be creative!

8. Fruits and vegetables

Using fruits for the wedding decorations has been a trend in the last seasons. You can use fruits and vegetables from this season, using colours that will combine with the rest of your decoration. By example, if you add some orange colour into your decoration, you can use as well some pumpkins.

9. Vintage objects

You can use antique objects, like furniture, books or travel bags. Wood and leather will add a beautiful style to a vintage decoration. Autumn is the perfect season for a vintage wedding, avoid the contemporary decor and led the older objects tell their memories.

10. Rustic woods

As you see, the autumn is really connected with the countryside style. If you enjoy the nature and organic materials, go for some beautiful decorations in wood. Wood can be used to add a rustic style, or to decorate your tables.

Autumn is the most romantic season, and following this tips you will create a beautiful wedding inspired by the autumnal colours. Can you think about any other tips for this season?