When couples begin thinking about wedding decorations they often forget about the car decorations, but it's a lovely tradition that many couples want to follow. We've got 9 wedding ideas for your car decoration, whether you want to decorate the bridal car or the newlywed's car that will take you from the ceremony to the reception. So while you search for wedding decoration hire, check out these creative wedding car decorations that go beyond the traditional tulle and floral decorations.

1. Have fun with signs or banners

The Just Married banner is a classic in wedding car decoration, but now there are infinite styles to choose from that will match your wedding style seamlessly. If you're feeling crafty, you can create your own DIY wedding decorations. Design your own sign or banner and have it printed on large stock paper. Make sure to tie it securely to the back of your wedding car. And if you don't want to go the DIY route, we're sure your decoration company will have great options to offer you.

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2. Personalise the license plate

If you're the kind of couple that looks for personalised wedding invitations among other personalised wedding details, then personalised license plates might be just what you're looking for. If you're not going to drive far, or if you're only going to use the car for photos, then including a personalised license plate as part of your wedding car decoration is a clever idea. You can find them in many online shops, but ask your decoration hire about plates as well.

3. Be playful with bunting

Bunting is a big wedding trend. There are so many types of bunting. You can create your own personalised bunting or find the perfect bunting from your decorator or online. There is bunting for every style of wedding. Whether you want rustic burlap bunting or more modern bunting with tassels.

4. A happy colourful touch with balloons

While balloons seem like a rather obvious car decoration, there are some clever ways you can decorate your car with balloons, thanks to the vast variety of balloons available now. If you want something flashy, for example you can find gold letter balloons and attached them to the back of your car. We love balloon messages that are uncommon, such as "CHEERS" or "XOXO". We also love giant balloons in different colours attached to the top of the car like in the movie 'UP'.

5. Come up with your own decal

Personalised wedding car decals are a simple and beautiful way to decorate your wedding car. You can choose any font and colour for your decal. You can include your names and wedding date or whatever you want. Personalised wedding car decals make for beautiful photos. We especially love white fonts that look drawn on like chalk. This style is reminiscent of vintage wedding decorations where they would write "Just Married" in white paint in the back windows of the car.

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6. Go the DIY route with tissue pompoms

We've seen lots of weddings with tissue pompoms made by the couple. It's a lovely option if you're looking for cheap wedding decorations. So why not include them in your car decoration? You can attach tissue pompoms to the back of your wedding car with strings, as you would do with balloons. You can choose to use just white or multi-colours for a more playful look.

7. Blooms galore

Flowers are a common choice for wedding car decorations, but a unique way to use them is by attaching individual flowers across the hood of the car or in the grill of the car. Choose any blooms that you'll include in your wedding flower decorations. You can cover the entire hood or create a stream of flowers running diagonally across the hood of the car. We also love them scattered in different parts of the car.

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8. Natural with foliage

Lots of wedding cars are decorated with a big ribbon or flowers, but you can replace that with a garland of foliage for a natural, country-wedding look. The foliage can be in the form of a wreath at the back of the car or in a horseshoe shape at the back or front of the car. Include some hanging ribbon or flowers to complete this look.

9. Old school tins

If you're looking for vintage wedding ideas and want to make some noise, this is the perfect option and it's quite easy to pull off. All you need are some tins with the labels removed. Then you can cover the cans with coloured paper and write "Newlyweds" or "Just Married" on them. You can also cover them in black vinyl and write with a white chalk pen for a vintage chic look. Use tins in different sizes for a more quirky and modern look. Be creative with the string you use to attach them; we love coloured ribbons.

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We're sure these 9 unique ideas will make decorating your wedding car that much easier. Once you've decided what you want, it's time to think about how you'll decorate the rest of your wedding. What wedding flowers will you use, what elements will you incorporate to create your unique wedding style? To make sure everything fits seamlessly, don't forget to consider your wedding table decorations and all the other decoration for your big day.