Pantone have introduced 10 unisex colours that will dominate the 2016-2017 fall-winter season, including warm reds, blue tones and playful pinks, creating a peaceful and tranquil set. We will tell you how to combine them, and which are the elements from your wedding that you can use to achieve that effect of serenity.


This blue is one cool tone, being sophistication its main attribute because of its particular hue. Stability and security can be easily achieved, as well as creating the illusion of a room being larger than it is. Potential combinations are with Airy Blue and gray Sharkskin. Ideal for decorating chairs or other arrangements.

Airy Blue

The inspiration of this shade of blue is the colour of the sky. There is no doubt about how serene this tone is, breathing lightness and freedom. The Potential combinations are grey Sharkskin for a delicate and sophisticated effect, red to soften it, and Dusty Cedar to achieve a retro style. You can use it on invitations, thank you cards, to number the tables or gifts for the guests.


This grey shade is so versatile that you could pair it with any of the other 9 colours of this season, and with almost any autumnal colour. It is sophisticated and contemporary, and can be used to soften intense and vibrant shades. It is ideal to use as colour base for the decoration or for bridesmaids dresses.

Aurora Red

This dramatic red colour creates an autumnal glamour, being the most powerful colour of the list. This warm red matches with Sharkskin grey, providing sophistication and smoothing its effect, with Airy Blue, balancing out the tones, and with Warm Taupe, creating an elegant and warm set. You can also choose to combine it with white, to bright up your wedding without adding any other colour.

Warm Taupe

This neutral colour is inspired by the colours of the earth, suggesting confidence and stability. Beige tones are a classic decor colour and when used well you can create vibrant sets. You can combine this colour with almost everything, but combining it with other colours like Riverside or Aurora Red will allow them to stand out.

Dusty Cedar

If Rose Quartz was the pink hue present in the summer season, in winter is time for Dusty Cedar. It has warm undertones, what it makes it perfect for autumn and tonne blend with a neutral palette. Dusty Cesar is sophisticated, and can be used in small accessories like groom's boutonniere, hair accessories or for the bouquets for the bridesmaids.

Lush Meadow

Lush Meadow has a deeper and complex hue than most greens, is intense, vibrant, stylish and sophisticated. Creates a balance nature set for outdoor weddings with any country style. You can use this colour in centrepieces, and to create a contrast you can use a red tone for the tables or chairs. This shade would be perfect for a Christmas wedding!

Spicy Mustard

This vibrant yellow hue adds energy and vitality to this season palette. It is a complex mustard colour with an unusual exotic touch. It can be combined with Airy Blue, Dusty Cedar, Potter’s Clay and even with Warm Taupe achieving some vintage styles. It can be used in elegant invitations.

Potter's Clay

This truly autumn colour has beautiful undertones of orange and brown, very warm and natural inspiring confidence and stability. Its potential combinations are with shades of the same palette and balanced with grey. It looks beautiful if is used for decorating a Naked Cake.


This is a vibrant purple colour. If combined with pink shades will bring sophistication. Can also be used combined with Warm Taupe and Potter’s Clay for a retro effect. The combination of pink and red is one to be more careful with, but you can apply them into your bridal bouquet for an extra shining effect.

Haven't decide yet the colours of your wedding? Don’t hesitate, use these majestic colours for the your autumn or winter wedding.