Wedding tips

Planning your wedding is a truly special time. We want to help you enjoy this one-of-a-kind, unforgettable moment with the best tips and ideas at your fingertips to make wedding planning as enjoyable as possible. Find all the inspiration you'll need in our wedding articles.

Planning your wedding

UK Wedding Dates You Should Avoid in 2018 and 2019

It may be harder than you think to pick a wedding date, but we’re going to make it a whole lot easier.

Wedding photography

How to Smash Your Pre-Wedding Photoshoot

Time to strike a pose, happy couple! If you need a hand putting together your pre-wedding photoshoot, read on.

Locations for the banquet

10 Stunning Hotel Wedding Venues in Central London

From big box hotels to luxurious boutique accommodations, Central London has a bevy of amazing venues where you can say your vows and stay the night.

Beauty for grooms

6 Things Every Groom Needs in Their Wedding Grooming Kit

Time to put together your wedding grooming kit! From cleanser to cologne, this is everything you should put in your bag to prep for your big day.

Planning your wedding

The Most Romantic Places to Propose in London

The perfect proposal requires the perfect venue. Here are a few of our favourite romantic spots in London to help you get started.

Planning your wedding

Everything You’ll Need for an Amazing Rehearsal Dinner

Time to tackle the details of your final pre-wedding event! Each one is different, but there are a few things that every rehearsal dinner needs.

Locations for the banquet

7 Amazing Conservatory Wedding Venues In and Around London

Want to tie the knot in a tropical paradise? You don’t have to travel far from London to do so! Here are a few stunning conservatory venues within driving distance.

The Groom

How to Accessorize Your Groom Attire

After you’ve found your suit, tuxedo or other ensemble, it’s time to add on the accessories. Here are all the extra pieces you may want to include on your shopping list.

Wedding music

How to Find the Perfect First Dance Song

It’s time to start looking for your first dance song. Here are a few tips that’ll guide you toward the perfect track for your wedding day.

Beauty for grooms

20 Stylish Wedding Hairstyles for Grooms

Your wedding look won’t be complete without the perfect hairdo. Here are a few of our favourite fashionable styles to help point you in the right direction.

Wedding favours

Your Essential Guide to Wedding Favours

Ready to pick out your wedding favours? Read this first! We’ve broken down everything you need to know, from how much you should spend to how you should wrap them.

Everything that you need to know about your wedding reception

How to Deal With Your Guests’ Allergies and Dietary Restrictions

Got a few friends and relatives with dietary restrictions on your guest list? You’ll want to make sure they can eat on your big day!

Everything that you need to know about your wedding reception

How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Timeline

From your grand entrance to your cake cutting to your last dance, here’s how to plot out the events of your wedding reception.

Wedding decoration

Your Guide to Wedding Buttonholes

Hello grooms, groomsmen and VIP male guests! If you don’t know a single thing about wedding buttonholes, we’re here to help get you in the know.

The wedding ceremony

Where to Look for Wedding Reading Inspiration

The right wedding readings can take your ceremony to the next level. From the world wide web to your own handwritten notes, here’s where to look for inspo.

Beauty for grooms

The Grooming Routine Every Groom Needs

Ready to transform from regular guy to lustworthy groom? Here are all the appointments you should be booking in the weeks leading up to your wedding.